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Help please. Seriously think that I'm going mad, does anyone on here ever feel that they have some type of sti that has not been detected?

Over the past 5 years+ I've had numerous tests for sti's and other conditions. But cannot get this out if my head, my gp just wants to put me on anti-depressants!! My pelvic area stings like crazy, and sometimes feel that my whole body is stinging. Can someone please put my mind at rest.

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Yes, my own GP put me on anti-depressants. I saw a different GP and told her that the pelvis felt infected. She wrote this in my notes. A few months later a laparoscopy revealed severe pelvic infection that looked like severe appendicitis, an ovarian abcess and endometriosis. This was the first of 5 surgeries in two years in 3 different countries because existing pathology wasn't dealt with during the two surgeries in the UK. Have you got any discharge ?


Sorry to dig up this post. what can I do to convince myself that I've not got an sti. I paid last year to have tests done privately but afterwards thought the lab they used was at the same hospital that I had been to previously anyway. I'm even considering buying antibiotics on the internet for chylamdia this seems to be the infection that gives a negative result when should be positive.


You may find it bizarre but doctors and even consultant specialists rarely have any clue about Prudendal nerve issues.

I presume you are up to speed on PN, PNE and PGAD which all have one thing in common regardless of the name and that is the Prudendal nerve? Is the stinging/burning affecting your genitals?

I have been, and no doubt most other people have been, down this false road of being told you have an STI. And I bet we all tested negative and I bet most of us got hit with the antibiotics just in case anyway and still have the same symptoms.

I would not advise buying antibiotics online. Too many antibiotics are bad for you and may affect a time in the future when you really need them to work.

What you are vaguely describing sounds very like what I and many other people I talk to online have too...........PN. More common in women apparently but even so I am amazed at the number of men who are slowly coming out.

If it is PN there is a very helpful group on FB you can join and online too if you wish.


Thanks for your reply, the stinging pain I have seems to be internally, rather than genital area, the most intense is ovaries region mainly, but sometimes it feels like my whole pelvic area is on fire


Still could be partially nerve cross talk though. But hope you find some help or answers soon.


Thanks for your reply, I've had pain now for over 5 years, had laparoscopy and hysterectomy (kept ovaries) so only a very slight discharge, and been told it's nerve pain, I take amitripyline which helps me sleep, Seen gynaecologist privately also and attended pain management clinics. But the stinging never stops


It sounds like nerve pain and not STI related to me. Keep positive


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