Generalized and provoked vulvodynia. Now I'm being told by my physio pudenal neuralgia. Also pain in my left immunologist says

Its my lower spleen. I have had pelvic MRI and ct scan all clear. Also my phsio felt a mass on my left side but says it could be a ball of muscle or scar tissue from birthing. Why can't I get a straight answer from anyone. I've gone to so many doctors, all kinds. I've been in pain for eight months. Have gotten some relief from nortriptaline, flexaril, xanax cocktail. Any suggestions. I've been to urologist, multiple guns, urogyn, infectious disease, allergist, and more. Tons of blood work. But where exactly is this pain coming from. I don't know who to believe or what meds to try or tests to ask for...I'm so confused and tired of running around in doctor circles. Any ideas?

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  • It's my first time on here, it came up by mistake however, I have been in dreadful pelvic pain for YEARS I had a hysterectomy on a balance of probability or process of elimination ie Only 3 organs in pelvic area - womb, mine was full of fibroids, the bladder n bowel. Tail bone is rarely shown on MRI despite me asking for this. Anyway hallelujah saw neurologist/S who both wrote to pain specialist who thank The Lord god asked me to show him where to press and I will b having Pain relief injected into the tail WHERE he showed me on skeleton the are 3 major nerves clustered together that can cause all sorts of pain. I have a pressing down sensation which causes pain all down my legs and feels like there's something wrong Inside. A lot comes down to money. Keep going keep going until u find help. I've only got help after years and I am in the process of being dismissed for incapacity health. Good Luck xxxxx heres some good vibes xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thanks..I've had injection into my tailbone. It was so painful it made my condition worse. Your right about the money thing which I've run out of due to paying useless specialists. I have pain down my left buttock and leg. Was told my pudenal nerve and sciatic nerve are causing...I don't know anymore.

  • I have undergone 7 nerve blocks of the pudental nerve. he injections were thru my cluts and have had mixed results.I am seeing a refexthologist who has been working on presure points in my feet and I'm optomisitic in that they give me releif from the burning..Never give up -think you are well and repeat this to yourself-there is power in posisitive thought-I'm into a 6 year journey and know I will be better!

  • Is it helpful for volvodnia pain.

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