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Bilateral distal tube blockage

I'm 37 yrs old with low ovarian reserve,and poor responder!! just finished my 1st ivf attempt that was unsuccesful.Now i recently did HSG that showed bilateral distal tube blockage with suspicion of mild hydrosalpinx on rt tube.i'm very frustrated and feel helpless.Did anyone have false HSG screen results.Up till now i cannt believe this is happening to me espicially after hearing that they prefere removing the tube.What about natural remedies.Did any one tried that???Please help.

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Do you know where the tube(s) are blocked ? this is most likely due to inflammation. Assume you've had antibiotics ?

It is possible to operate on the distal tube for this indication but adhesions can reform quickly after surgery, however it may give you a window of opportunity and the chance of conceiving naturally. Miracles do happen sometimes. May be able to suggest someone you could see about this. Just e-mail


Thanx very much for your concern.yes I already started doxycycline 100mg till i see my RE to see whats his opinion.Do you think he may ask to repeat HSG?Is there false results of HSG??espicially its showing only suspected mild hydrosalpinx!!and if its mild still prognosis is poor with surgery??.Did you hear about Wobenzyme n ??You think it would help after doing fertility cleanse with the surgery itself to the tubes patent as long as possible??


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