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Can Yoga Help Pelvic Pain?


Is there a role for yoga in pelvic pain healing?

“Absolutely!” says Dustienne Miller, a Northern California-based pelvic floor PT who also happens to be a certified yoga instructor.

I sat down with Dustienne to learn more about exactly how yoga and pelvic pain rehab go together, and in today’s post I’m going to share what I’ve uncovered.

To read the blog in its entirety, please click the following link:

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Yes yes and yes again! I've been an on/off yoga girl for years but since my hysterectomy 12weeks ago I've done a very gentle yoga routine for the last 6weeks & all I will say is it is fantastic! It (based on my own research) helps with any adhesion formation, the twisting & stretching really helps & I've had minimal pain since (I've also done trigger point massage alongside yoga) I believe self help is the best help :)

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