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Help from chiropractor

Just to say that I appear to have been greatly helped by 6 or 7 visits to a chiropractor. She used an Activator and although initially sceptical, I can say that I have now been virtually pain-free for over 3 weeks. I am going back in a month's time. We both hope that my visits will become more and more spaced out. It may be worth trying for others but make sure the chiro uses the Activator method (an instrument which is used instead of the usual bone cracking stuff!).

I really hope this helps someone. Before I went I suffered constant low dull aches in the perineum/pubis/back.

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I found chiro very helpful and continued for quite a while. I stopped because my chiro left and the replacement just didn't reach the spot in the same way. Its a very good way to rid yourself of any compensation pain and straighten up the spine.

He combined cracking with bowen, as I needed very gentle handling back then. And I had a very strict regime of 20 minute rotations of sitting, standing, walking and lying down for 3 months. That was tedious! He single handedly saved me from a wheelchair. My body was slowly paralysing and locking in different areas, as I had minor injury on major injury on congenital condition (unknown until then), with layer upon layer of compensation. He peeled away the layers of compensation and associated pain right down to the core injury.

They usually work weekly and reduce to annually over 6 - 9 months depending on the complexity of the problem.

I too had periods of pain free time and I gained a lot of knowledge as to how to do things to prevent further damage.

Although it was a very dark time in my recovery, both physically and mentally, and sometimes the resulting pain from treatment was worse than the actual pain, I got through it. I have always avoided going back to this time, as I thought it too dark to relive but it seems ok just now, my only regret is not getting the help sooner.


Dear Zanna

Thanks for your comment. I am so glad you got help. I really understand what you mean about those dark times in life; I have many of those and have blanked out more of them than i care to remember.

It's great that we have both found some answers. Let's hope everything continues to go well. I also hope some people out there will benefit from hearing of my positive experience.

Best regards. X


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