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as you all know the world is being badly affected by this pandemic and looking at the symptoms of covid i can’t help but think it is so similar to PCD symptoms such as cold, wet cough, shortness of breath and on top of that i even have migraines that leads to headaches which again is a symptom of covid so even a mild symptom causes me so much anxiety. i haven’t stepped out of my house in a month because we have a lockdown in India till 3rd May and my parents get the essentials for our home. Can someone please tell me some activities that will help us during this tough time? our immune system is quite low so everytime i think that if i get covid i’m definitely going to die...

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Hi Anjal

The recommendations here in the UK are to stay at home and limit your contact with other members of the family who are leaving the house. When they come back in then to wash their hands and wipe down any shopping.

Make sure that you have some oral antibiotics at home in case your PCD symptoms get worse.

I believe that the Covid-19 cough is a dry cough ... so different to a normal PCD one. I have told my sons (both adults with PCD) that to just do what they normally do e.g. drink lots of fluid, do exercise if you can, do physiotherapy at least twice a day, so sinus rinsing and eat as well as possible.

I know it is an anxious time but try to stay positive. There are lots of exercise ideas on our website

Good luck and stay safe.

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AnjalMehta in reply to fionac66

thank you! 😊

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