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Sinus Infection Won’t Go Away!

I’ve been battling a sinus infection for the past 2 weeks and it won’t go away. I called my doctor and he prescribed me 14 days of augmentin, and then the walk in clinic prescribed me 3 days of prednisone. I have been blowing my nose constantly and me head feels like it might explode.

I have been doing my vest because it found its way into my lungs like always. My pulmonologist said that Augmentin should take care of it but I’m just so exhausted. I’ve missed 6 days of school because of this. And i know at this point my school just thinks I skip school and don’t show up for fun.

Is there anything I can do to speed up my recovery? And how do I get my school and fellow classmates to understand that this is something I have to deal with?


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Hi - have you tried sinus rinsing? With school - could you get someone to Come into school and do an education presentation about pcd. You could do something about genetics and use Pcd as an example of a genetic condition. Hope you feel better soon

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Hi Gwen, make sure you’re using Neilmed sinus rinse/ saline douche twice daily (it’s a special bottle that costs around £16 here in the UK but can be used for up to 3 months - i usually sterilise mine and use for longer). You can also mix up the saline yourself to keep costs down, but the bottle is worth having.

It could be worth asking your doctor for nasal steroid drops (which I use after saline douches). I use Fluticasone but there’s loads.

In terms of antibiotics, I have always found doxycycline works better when I have sinus infections, but that might just be me!

Tip tips on the saline front: so it twice a day even when you aren’t unwell. Make sure you never use it cold, always make it lukewarm otherwise it hurts like nothing you have ever seen! It’s like brain freeze on overdrive if you don’t use warm water for it.

Get well soon! Lucy (26, London)


First explain to the school and forget trying to explain to your classmate until you feel well because your health is the priority. Get plenty of rest and follow up with your team of doctors. A good team of doctor's make a difference to PCD patients.

Sinus infections gave me many horrible headaches with malaise and weight loss and lack of quality of sleep. I had a line of walled off bacteria in my sinuses and plenty of ear infection growing up. In my late teens I saw the right doctor and got the best treatment I could ever ask from him. He listened and cared and now my sinus are not frequently infected and I do not suffer and have to blow my nose all the time. This part of life has gotten better because I get a lot less sinus infection.

I keep telling myself that the days where you can breath better and not blow your nose 24 hours a day are the days to look forward too.

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