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Has any of you had costocondritis I've had it since Xmas I can't do anything cos the pain affects my breathing? If any of you have any hints please tell me thanks!

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Sorry, this is not something I've heard of before, hoping someone else may be able to help you.

I'm guessing you've already brought it up with your doctors.

All the best.


Yes, actually I got it for the first time this year two weeks before Xmas. It hurt so bad to breath I went to the ER but they couldn't do anything. My primary care physician diagnosed it and gave me a two week prescription of a very strong anti inflammatory to take which helped right away.

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It's really sore I've got physio tomorrow I don't no if I can stand him touching me!! Glad you got better


You should definitely ask your Physician if he can prescribe you that medication and maybe ask for a Physical Therapy referral. Mine referred me and I went twice a week for a month and it has made a huge difference.


Thanks I say the physio today so he's going to be seeing a lot of me


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