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Nasal brush sample still has heavy bacterial load?

Just had feedback on the third brush, previous 2 were equivocal for abnormal function after culture..with slightly reduced frequency. What's interesting, is that prior to every brush, she has taken long courses of strong antibiotics, in order to eliminate any signs of infection. Yet the latest report has again noted the sample as having large amounts of mucus with extremely high bacterial load...how can this be after so much antibiotic? Has anyone else encountered this?

Interestingly, shortly after that our daughter started complaining of bad headaches, face pain & dizzy spells, and after 3 weeks of intermittent fevers, ended up In hospital this week with high fever, vomiting and severe head pain. Now improved with more antibiotics, but sinuses still very blocked. Seems to be a pattern, and frustratingly difficult to get her head clear, as soon as she comes off the antibiotics, it all goes downhill! Is this a problem anyone else has?

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Hi.... although the antibiotics will clear some infections ... but not necessarily all of them. I assume they regularly do cough and nose swabs to make sure you are on the right antibiotics?

As for the sinus issues - I would ask the physios about sinus rinsing. It might help ... although a bit messy and unpleasant.

Lots of PCDers on are on antibiotics all the time to keep the symptoms at bay. Hope she gets better soon

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Thanks for your reply Fiona. She has been recently introduced to sinus rinsing by the physio, and in fact they actually rinsed her a few times immediately prior to the brushing, in order to make sure it was as clear from mucus as possible. The physio did say at the time that she was very congested, although having just finished an extended course of co-amox, she was actually much clearer than usual!


Hi there,

I rarely suffer from sinus infections but when I do it's severe and sinus salt washing helps (sterimar) but more importantly flixonase nebules are brilliant. Use squirt half nebule in each nostril twice a day. It really helps loosen the mucus and helps with head pain which is awful!

Hope this helps.



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