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Pcd and cystic fybrosis

Hi is it possible that my child could have pcd and cystic fibroses becouse his doctor did genetic tests on him and this is what she said is the results.

" His results are positive for primary ciliary dyskinesia, the cystic fibrosis studies are inconclusive and I have asked the geneticist to look at the results again."

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Hi - I am sorry I don't know enough about CF genetic tests to answer this.

Where are you having the tests done? Here in the UK they don't normally test for PCD with genetic tests as they can only find 70% of PCD cases - it is normally confirmed using nasal brushing analysis.

Whatever the diagnosis is the most important thing is that you start physiotherapy treatment asap to get the secretions moving out of the lungs and treat any chest infection asap with targeted antibiotics.

Good luck!



Hi - sorry just realised we have been in contact before and that you are in South Africa. If you find out a bit more about the genetic test (e.g. which Gene they think is causing the PCD) I can probably be of more help.


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