Any suggestions for consultants in the North West?

Hi, I'm in my 50's and live in Manchester. I was diagnosed with PCD about 25 years ago. I also have bronchiectasis and situs inversus. I was referred to the Brompton when we lived in London but I haven't been under anyone since we moved up North 20 years ago. I'm getting a bit fed up with my coughing and glue ear which is affecting my work. Can anyone recommend a consultant that I can ask my GP to refer me to?


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  • Hello

    It definitely sounds like you should get yourself checked out.

    If you don't fancy the trip back down to the Royal Brompton, it seems the two places nearest to Manchester would be Dr. Peckham at Leeds or Dr Range at Leicester.

    In the meantime some extra physio will never go amiss when you are coughing a lot more. Good luck.


  • Thanks very much Terry - much appreciated. By the way, I was prescribed co-amoxiclav tablets for my ear infection last week and it seems to have had a dramatic impact on my coughing - I'm barely coughing at all for the first time in, well ..ever! Have you heard of similar impacts from other PCD-ers? Are many adult PCD-ers on full-time antibiotics? I appreciate you are not a medical expert but i wonder if you had a general idea. Thanks again

  • Brilliant news about the coughing, although I sometimes find if I stop coughing significantly it's because of plugging and so extra physio helps with that. Getting the ears sorted may have helped a bit though, especially if the ears and nose were draining a lot more previously...that's my guess, as I'm not medical expert either, but whatever works for you then great.

    I know of quite a few of the adults with PCD who are on prophylactic antibiotics (Azithromycin), taking them three times a week. I have been on Azithromycin for quite a number of years myself.

    Hope you get to see a PCD specialist soon.


  • Thanks again terry

  • University of south Manchester ( Wythenshawe ) has a large and excellent lung centre.

  • Thanks for that Alison. I have heard of it and I live v close to it but I had heard that it perhaps wasn't the best for PCD. Maybe I'm doing them a disservice.

  • In my experience prof woodcock is very helpful

  • That's very helpful - thanks again. I'll take your advice and ask to be referred to him. Fingers crossed!

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