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PCD and Diabetes


I am currently in hospital due to an exercbation related to my PCD and Bronchietasis. I have had more infections infections in the past 6 months and courses of IV's and steroids and other treatments.

I have had some episodes over the past few month and symptoms which are linked to Diabetes. Therefore on admission I have been having my blood sugars checked and these are high. I have a healthy diet and I am 29 years old. I am going to be having a blood test to check for diabetes and I may be going on a low level insulin for now. My question is, are there any people with PCD who suffer with Diabetes?

If I was to be diagnosed with Diabetes my team are unsure to which type it would be, Type 2 or CF related Diabetes. People with Cystic Fibrosis have Diabetes related to the condition. However the nurse explained that increased mucus could cause insulin resistance which is obviously similar with PCD, so this why I ask the question. Also with PCD being under diagnosed I wonder if there are people out there who have Diabetes but have not had a PCD diagnosis so the link isn't made, I guess we will never with these people. Depending on the type may affect how I manage the Diabetes if I was to be diagnosed.

Any input would be much appreciated.

kind Regards


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Hi Rachel

Sorry I don't know of anyone with PCD and diabetes - I think it might just be an unhappy coincidence.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery


Ps. have picked up your message and will ring later... just ploughing through my emails first!


Hello Rachael,

Sorry to hear you've been having a hard time and the possible diabetes diagnosis. It's not something I've personally come across, over the years of meeting others with PCD. Sadly diabetes is all too common, so you may just be unfortunate to have it, as well as PCD, if your tests confirm it so.

Hoping all goes well for you.



Thanks for your replies, I am grateful.

I just thought it was worth asking. The nurse has said when you have infection this can push the sugars up so it maybe as simple as that, so hopefully once the infection has cleared my sugars will be normal.

Hope you are both well



That's interesting reading.

I have pcd and type 2 diabetes and never thought to connect the 2.

My family has a history of diabetes so I put it down to that.

The mucus point is perhaps valid - mucus = infection of sort = fatigues/tiredness = blood sugar level increase?

Good that they are doing the right tests.

Best of luck :)


I had diabetes while I was pregnant and have PCD. No there are related A person can get other health problems which are not related to PCD. it is important to control blood sugar as having high blood sugar and being unwell puts you at more risks for infections.

Also diabetes runs strong in my family and I had to watch my father develop severe diabetic complication and he does not have PCD.  I still have problems with high fasting levels sometimes which I am trying to monitor with diet and exercise. If I am put on dexamethasone then my blood sugar tends to be higher.


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