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Fertility and PCD


Hi are there any mothers here with PCD. I would really appreciate anyone who can talk to me about fertility and PCD and what their experience was (if they don’t mind)

Thank you

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Hi Emily, I am a mother of two daughters. I have PCD, integral to my diagnosis of Kartagener. Although ‘fertility issues’ are cited as a pissibility, I did not have any problems conceiving. My husband and I had our first daughter as teenagers, our second daughter we planned later in our lives. Both very much welcomed and cherished. Wishing you all the very best

Emily_sa in reply to Talullah1

Thank you very much for your reply, refreshing and uplifting to hear.

WindsurfJo in reply to Emily_sa

Hi I have PCD, kartagener type. I have 3 children a boy and identical twin girls! I struggled to conceive for several years and needed IVF we had my son first and then needed help with IVF again and we hit the jackpot and ended up with identical twins. We had 3 children in 2.5 years! Please message me if you have further questions.

Emily_sa in reply to WindsurfJo

Thank you so much for your message! So lovely to hear your story!

corki in reply to Talullah1

Hi there,

I have PCD and was able to get pregnant with no issues or further interventions. It took about 8 months of trying. I wish you all the best!

Hi, I have PCD and Situs inversus. Two children, my eldest we adopted after 6 years of trying to concieve, IVF didn't work. Youngest conceived naturally 3 years later. X

Hi Emily,

I have PCD and situs inversus. We also had IVF to conceive our little boy.

Wishing you the best of luck with a smooth pregnancy journey. X

Hi, I have PCD & situs inversus, & in my late twenties had no problems conceiving my two boys, who are now both healthy teens, & eating a lot, especially in lockdown! Wishing you all the best x

I have PCD & situs inversus/Kartageners. I was told I probably wouldn't be able to have kids due to the condition, but I have a very healthy 2 year old boy now and had no problems conceiving naturally. I was also the healthiest I'd ever been whilst pregnant, didn't have any chest infections for the full 9 months and many months after I had him! Good luck :) x

Thank youu everyone so glad I joined the group and I am able to hear your wonderful positive experiences!

I have PCD and had fertility issues. Ended up conceiving twins at the age of 30 on our first round of IVF.

Before undergoing IVF I worked really hard to get as healthy as I could by jogging regularly, not having any soda, caffeine or alcohol, taking multivitamins and only drinking bottled water (apparently there are lots of chemicals in tap water). I’m not sure if this actually helped me conceive but I did feel well during this time.

I found IVF very difficult (and I only went through 1 round). It’s quite invasive and all of the medicine and hormones make you quite emotional. But of course it was worth it.

Goodluck Emily xoxo

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