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PCD life expectancy


My husband who is 30 years old, has just been diagnosed with PCD along with situs inversus.

I am live in NY and am still trying to find out about the condition. I wanted to know the phases of the condition/ or ususal life expectancy of patients with PCD.

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Hello Tavneet, my husband was diagnosed with PCD at the age of 38 and I found it helpful to read the information provided on the PCD family support group website: pcdsupport.org.uk

There may be a version of this for the US too but there's a lot of helpful information on the UK site.

It's always worrying when a loved one is diagnosed with a health condition but I hope you'll be reassured when you learn more about the condition.

Best wishes to both you and your husband.

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Thank you for the information. But i actually do not find the life expectancy of pcd patients anywhere. Do most patients go on to live normal life cycles?


Hi Tavneet ... I agree with the other comment have a look at our website pcdsupport.org.uk but I would also recommend you get in touch with the US Group pcdfoundation.org

good luck


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