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25 Year old male and testosterone

Hello everybody,

I'm an 25 year old male with PCD, and was diagnosed with PCD at an early age. Many problems has arrived, and some are gone (example, hearing loss). However, I'am wondering if there is any other males out there, that seems to have an bouncing level of testosterone? I've checked my level a few times, and it seems odd, going from an high level (normal) to low, over a period of months, and years. I'm confused about the answers i get from my doctor, so I'm trying to figure if there is anybody else that has the same results.

If anybody know if there could be something to this, i would like to know more about it, or if it has anything todo with PCD at all..

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Never had mine tested (40 now).

Which hospital are you visiting?


Currently living in Norway, and not England/UK, so i guess this is a bit unrelevant. Sad that you haven't tested this yet, I'm really confused, and wondering what else it could be.. Or if, there is people with similar issues..


The testosterone problems are not something I've previously heard mentioned before. The only thing I know is that there can be problems with the movement of the sperm for men.


Yes, this I already know, and confirmed. However, that's why I'm asking, i find it very weird, and my doctor seems to have problem explaining it, and blaming it on the PCD. However, if anybody has tested this, i would really like to know!


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