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PBC and stem cells


Hello- I am newly diagnosed with PBC and am curious if anyone here has done a stem cell transplant to reverse/treat your PBC,?

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I wish there was a magic treatment, but the best we can do is modify diets, take Ursodiol and/or ocaliva, be followed regularly by a good hepatologist and live life as full as we can. Some of us will need transplants and a few can manage for longer. Each person is so different and many of us also deal with several other autoimmune illnesses. The researchers have not yet cracked the code on how to reprogram the immune systems, but I’m hoping that comes in the next 5-10 years. Some folks are having good enzyme panels with things like fenofibrate, but that has not yet been approved for PBC and is still off-label.

Last I read the only ones trying stem cells for this were the Chinese

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