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ATOS won his appeal

My sisters next-door neighbour was declared fit last August 2012 as fit for work after his Atos assessment,He decided to appeal, In Jan 2013 he decided because of pressure from his doctor and others and the info they gave him that he would not win his appeal as many do not, He decided to sign on for work JSA .But before he decided to sign on for JSA he had sent a letter and more info done by his girlfriend on his mental health problems and how she feels it was unfair after just decided after he had been ill for a very long time he was fit for work,She told them in a letter that the ATOS interview and its questions did not in any way reflect his life and things are just not as simple as they made it out to be and she put other relevant info in the letter too.The only reason he decided to sign on JSA was the fact his doctor told him oven though you are ill you will not win your appeal or are very very unlikely too win it and it is better to move on (he is still taking his tablets ) he suffers from very bad depression and anxiety attacks and other mantel health related problems..Anyway today Sat 9th March 2013 he received a letter(this is about 7 months after he was declared fit for work) that they have looked at his assessment again and took into account the other info provided and have made a new decision in his favour and he now does not need to go to appeal and does not need to be re assessed until 20/07/2014 .. He needs info on what to do now ..he his now on JSA .. what will happen.. even though he is on JSA will get the backdated money he is owed whilst he was in the appeal mode .. can he now go back on ESA.. any advice please would be grateful

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Hi andysalford6. Tell him to contact ESA and they will give him all the information he needs..if they have made a decision in his favour that means he can go back on ESA and he needs to sign off JSA...tell him to also go to the job centre and show them the letter as he will need to sign off JSA...i had to do that a few years ago as i was claiming JSA until my tribunal date came up and was lucky enough to win..unfortunately im going through the same thing again as i failed a medical in september last year and am now claiming JSA again...i wasnt going to appeal as i didnt want the thought of getting stressed out with waiting for the tribunal date..it was the job centre who told me to appeal so here i am stressing out again...i say good on his girlfriend for writing in and telling them about how his condition affects him..as for ATOS they have put things in my report that was not even discussed at the medical and this will be brought up when i attend the tribunal...i am lucky enough to have wonderful doctors..hope this helps you a little.


Hi thanks for your reply ..He feels his Dr let him down by saying that she does not know of anybody winning an appeal and it his best for him to move and put she will support him through his illnes..I know when he had to go for a new sick note every month his Dr made him feel more and more uncomfortable about her giving him one..I go with him on his visits to variouse places as I have a car ..once again thanks for your advice I will pass it on today and good luck with your own situation


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