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Vitamins and Supplements I was diagnosed July 2012 I was put on urso 2x 250 a day

I have degenerative discs in my neck and some fussion at the base of my spine along with erosion in my left hip.

I have read that some people take a calcium supplement

I am awating my follow up appointment and want to go fully armed.

When I was diagnosed I thought the appointment was for my gallstones so I was to shocked to understand what I was being told

I do remember the consultant saying this shud have been picked up 4yrs ago!

I'm only 51 and feel 91onbad days

Any tips will be gratefully received .

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Hi, Cowren.

My tip would be to call the PBC Foundation directly and speak to someone who could help you with your questions as specifically as possible.


hi cowren, i know the feeling of feeling 90 i was 43 when dtx i take a caluium supplement one twice a day, the pbc foundtion is great they will send you all the info you need, also there are some groups you can join on facebook for people with pbc there private so as not everyone can see your posts, i find them wonderful, your talking to people with the same prolbem just type in pbc in the search bar and they will come up, hope this was a help tp you. Ann



I was put on calcium/vit D tablets when I started my Urso.

I can certainly relate to feeling an awful lot older aswell with all the aches and pains and the fatigue.

I have not looked for any groups on facebook but I am a member of a Yahoo PBC group that I have found very helpful. Based in the USA but has members from around the world.


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