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Hi has anyone had any success with weight loss by following the slimming world diet. I am considering joining tomorrow but am a little daunted due to the fact I take steroids, urso and mercaptopurine for AIH/PBC overlap. I am concerned that the diet will not work because of the medication. I have tried everything and the fact I hardly eat anything because I have no appetite does not help because if the diet requires me to eat large amounts then its no good for me.

My weight is a huge problem as it is affecting my confidence in fact I refuse to go out during day because of how I look including the steroid moon face. Any advice please.


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  • Hello Connieconfused

    I joined Slimming World in January 2010 and reached my target weight by losing almost 2stones by the end of May 2010. More to the point I've kept the weight off almost three years later! I found it very easy to incorporate the weight loss plan into my daily life. I didn't experience any problems when eating out or going away either - I've got through holidays and Christmases without puttig on more than a pound or two which soon came off once I got back on track. It's more eating healthily and sensibly than a diet. I was diagnosed with PBC in July 2009 and was prescribed Urso which doesn't appear to interfere with the SW diet - not sure about steroids though I'm afraid.

    I would recommend d Slimming World to anyone - I find it's not so much a diet as a healthy eating plan and can fit in with the whole family. So go ahead and give it a go. Do try and go to the weekly meetings though as everyone is very supportive and it kept me going. I also found the SW online useful too.

    Good luck! I hope it goes well for you.

  • I went to slimming world years ago & I lost over 4 stones. I think it is a brilliant plan.

    However, this was before I got ill. Now, like you, I hardly eat anything yet have put on loads of weight. I'm not on steroids, but I cannot lose weight. I do no exercise as the pain in my joints & the fatigue are just about all-consuming. I have tried to exercise, but it's proved impossible. Unfortunately I have no answers but, if its getting you down as much as you say, you have nothing to lose by giving it a go!!

  • Hi I cant see it doing any harm, my sister has been on it, it is really all about healthy eating and exercise. Re your appetite it is not about you eating big portions more about keeping hunger at bay by eating healthier snacks from what I read on the info my sister had. Best of luck. Take care.

  • Hi there. I too am on steroids as well as Urso and now imuran. I always followed weight watchers and have been at my target weight for many years. I was slightly worried when I started the steroids that I'd pile on weight but I didn't (did get the moon face but it's gone now as I am weaning off). Since I have come down on the steroids I have noticed if I stick to my daily allowance I do lose weight (which didn't happen when I was on the higher dosage) but I seem to be able to eat lots (mostly good low fat food alright) without putting weight on. I am fortunate I have no problem with appetite but the odd time I have had I forced myself to eat and have felt better. This is a long winded way and probably not much help to go but really the key to weight loss is to eat! I can appreciate your difficulty but the reality is that no diet or weight loss programme will work if you don't eat and you'd probably just stress yourself further. I actually feel sick if I don't eat regularly and it can become a vicious circle. Have you talked to a dietician or nutritionist?

  • Hi, I belong to a Slimming World club and have managed to lose 3 stone within six months. I have tried several diets which didnt work but slimming world works. So go for it. Good luck.

  • Thank you all for your replies. I have been to slimming world and after the initial shock of realizing I put 3 stones on since March 2012...I settled down and listened to what was said and to what other members have done and decided to give it a go.

    I take prednisolone,urso and mercaptopurine.....I felt much better on imuran but after 4 weeks I built an intolerance to it..I may suggest to my doc that i retry imuran and will insist she allow me to try and reduce steroids again. Tried before but my liver function tests went abnormal again:...would love to rid myself of the moon face and would be much better for me if I could lose the weight I have put on, which seems to have got worse since taking urso and the mercaptopurine...being overweight can cause more damage in the long term and I have decided I have had enough I am going to lose the weight any way I can.

    Thanks again for your help


  • Fantastic conniefused, youve got a great positive attitude, I wish you well :)

  • Hi, i joined slimming world nearly a year ago because my consultant told i had a fatty liver aswell as having pbc , i have lost 3st so far , so i say go for it and good l luck x

  • Hi guys, thank you all for your comments and encouragement...I have just got back from slimming world and we have a result...I have lost 8 my first week..I am well happy, nothing has worked all the time I have been on steroids, urso and mercaptopurine...I was shocked when she told me I had lost over half a stone It has given me a boost which is what i needed.

    I am aiming for a 2 lb weight loss next week, and if all is well.....I will lose weight and this not be a fluke lol. Will keep you informed.


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