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They aren't full heavy nosebleeds and only happen when I'm clearing my nose. My liver scan was normal apart from a touch of fatty liver but I am overweight so am hoping my diet and slow weight loss will sort that out this coming year. I'm just panicking a bit as I'm sure I saw somewhere that nosebleeds are a sign of advanced liver disease. Can't wait to see the consultant on the 8th Jan! My mind is spinning and I'm so up and down and scared. I can't stop thinking about my 3 gorgeous babies and although I feel good and have no symptoms I'm struggling to convince myself all is going to be ok:( please someone help me be more positive x

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Are you taking a blood thinner, or have high blood pressure? Are you blowing your nose so hard that you are rupturing the blood vessels? There are so many reasons for nosebleeds. I think that for now you should just try not to worry. Fear is so stressful. Take a moment to relax and just breathe. If you find out something is wrong, you will take care of it. If nothing is wrong, you will have wasted precious moments of life by worrying. Try as hard as you can to focus on peaceful thoughts. Sending healing healing energy and happy thoughts

your way. Judi


You are so right healthangle as usual :). I think initially when diagnosed we think everything n connected to the disease. Sometimes we just have a regular complaint, sometimes it's a side affect of medication, sometimes we are just tired. I find myself constantly thinking about this and associating everything with it, it's like grieving. I'm 6 months since diagnoses. Does it ever get better?


I get this as well but not all the time and I have put it down to blowing my nose too hard.



I too get the occasional nose bleed, usually in the morning when I blow my nose. I wake up bunged up not suprising after being told how loudly I snore thru the night.I also suffer from a dry itchy nose that tends to get scabby sores on and these too sometimes bleed. But I put that down to the itchiness and dry air in the bedroom doesnt help, but hey I aint sleeping with the window open in this weather !! I wouldnt think its anything to worry about.


If your room is too dry, you might try using a humidifier or place a pan of water in the room near the heat source. Hope this suggestion helps you. Judi


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