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Does everyone with raised levels of bilirubin have itch?

I ask this question as I am one of the unfortunates with PBC who has always had itch even though my bilirubin levels were within the normal range. Thankfully since been off the urso my itch is fairly mild and quite tolerable and well controlled with just taking about 4 Questran sachets a day. However unfortunately my liver enzymes are on the rise including the bilirubin so am worrried now that if it goes really high will end up back to square one like was for about a year there where itch was totally unbearable and I went for transplant assessment because of it.

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Hiya, I have itch rarely and nothing like you guys describe here. My bilirubin was really high but has come down over the,6 months with the various meds I've been on, steroids, urso and now imuran. It''s still nearly double the norm.


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