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losing it!!! :)

Well just thought would check in been few ups and downs just staying positive though as two week ago I joined weight watchers and lost 6 and 1/2 pound in one week was so happy this week I not sure will find out tomoz?

For about two weeks after diagnosis my head was in total spin Have settled a little got charts for cleaning, menu for week this week was not great though so going for previous weeks as we all enjoyed.

At the beginning of this month i was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia been swimming to help with that and on 30mg amytriptiline is helping still of work though for now dredding going back i wont be able to fit it in really will mess my routine up!!!

Just one more appointment to find out what going on with liver specialist at end of november not enjoying that wait really.

Anyway wishing you all good health lots love and hugs xx

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Well done on the weight loss, dont lose too much too soon! God yes the waiting is the worst, what do you do as a job? Good luck for the Nov appointment,



Wow, that is a lot of weight to lose in one week. Great job!

I agree with jaxxy, go slow. You didn't put in on overnight. Weight watchers is a terrific organization, but make sure that you are following a liver friendly diet. hugs, Judi


Very important to follow a liver friendly diet...when I think back I had twice, under my doctors guidence done the dr atkins protein diet which is a no no for us I shudder at the added damage it must have done to my already compromised liver (wasnt diagnosed then) all the best


Ahh dont worry it is whole body friendly all i done is cut down and not eating any rubbish and this week lost a pound i was shocked had lost so much the week before but only as far as how big my meals were and but now it is all completely balanced and my energy is revitalized and feel so much better and I have taken into consideration liver happy food. :)

Jaxxy hello I work as a theatre practitioner for NHS can be very stressful and very busy most days and breaks very thin on the ground!! Will be taking it slow ideally want to lose 1-2lb a week have done it before struggled with my weight for years but got new determination now it all good the other thing I have done that never done before is a menu for the week and stick to it has worked well even with the kids. I rambling now hugs back xxxxx


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