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Has anyone tried a Liver cleanse?

I was recently diagnosed with PBC and several friends have suggested I try an organic or herbal liver cleanse or detox? I have always been a bit of a health nut in terms of vitamins, supplements and eating organically but now that I have PBC I'm concerned about trying anything like this. Has anyone tried anything like this or been told not too? Thanks so much for your help and support!

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I know various prople who have, including my mother who had PBC. Besides the very logical and necessary precautions (you need to consult a natural therapies specialist, you need to check with a specialist if natural supplements don't interfere with your current medication etc etc), there are various herbs and apitherapy products (bees products like honey, propolis, bee bread) who have been used to aid liver conditions for a very long time. Plus there are some studies and medical articles out there too.

I suggest you talk to a doctor and a specialist in natural therapies (ideally both being one and the same person. We have many like these in Romania, I don't know how it works elsewhere). I think it is VERY important to get properly informed, not to dismiss anything prior to getting reliable information about that.

Just fyi, I suggest you read about what detoxification is, how it works generally, if/why it is needed, how it can help the body, what it improves or not, etc.

Good luck.


Hello rdameron.

I am a bit of a firm believer in natural products and it has taken me not far off 2yrs now to actually accept I am probably going to have to take a laboratory made tablet (urso) every day for the rest of my life.

My theory on detoxification is to drink plenty of good quality water, no smoking (I never have, difficult when around odd family members who do smoke tho') or drinking (never did much but not even the odd glass now for me in over 2yrs) and trying to maintain plenty of walking and moving about (can be easier said than done for a lot with PBC but fortunately at present I'm fine there).

I somehow do not think the itch will probably ever go away permanently (I'm not so bad at present).

I suppose the only way to actually cleanse the system temporarily would be to have a day with just water. Up until 6 months ago I was probably feeling down at times due to sleepless nights if the itch had reared its ugly head and then I'd end up staying in bed all day with just having water all day and have to add no urso as to me urso equals food as well. (I have to say I only have done this on 4 occasions with months in-between, not a regular occurence.) I don't think it did me any harm and I did notice that the itch vanished for days on end but then if you think about it, with not much food in the system then I expect bile won't have been released as normal like it is when we eat.

I once posted on here if anyone had had regular saunas as that opens the pores. I've not as yet but still wonder.



I recently detoxed followed by an organic diet. My bloods were checked during and after detox and there was not much change, however, they did not go up and i felt more energetic and generally healthier. Recently come off steroids so now plan to get back on an organic diet :-)

I did seek advice from a nutrionanist and my consultant first. Im sure your consultant will monitor your bloods if you mention detox and change of diet?


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