Liver cancer scare

Since Nov 12 2016 I have been dealing with possibly having liver cancer as well as PBC. I have been working full time until Jan 6th when I was told it looks like I have Cancer. I went off on sick leave. Because I live in Canada and it takes forever for a MRI. I had to wait till Feb 13th. We were going on a sunny holiday so we made the best of it even though the haunting of possibly having cancer was there. Finally the MRI results came and I don't have Cancer. Since being off work I have realized how much I had been struggling with my PBC and working full time. My work has been great and I am staying off to see how I feel ( now that I know I do not have Cancer) I can just see how I am. I have never really accepted or dealt with the fact that I have PBC but I want quality life and not live on my couch after work And weekends. Work was draining me and I had no energy left for anything else. I guess I am looking at not working but I feel a bit guilt However My family is supportive. I had 5 years left till I retired. Does anyone have advice for me?

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  • First. So happy for you and your results having no cancer. What a stressful holiday it must have been.

    If you want some energy back, check out Dr. Burt Berkson videos on YouTube. Conventional medicine can only do so much.

  • Thanks I have been doing Chinese Acupunture. I will also look into what you have recommended

  • Please do. Read all you can about it. I am in the early stages with PBC. My fatigue though was bad. I've been on Low dose naltrexone for 5 weeks now. I literally feel like my old self. I'm on a strict anti inflammatory diet too and I do see a naturopath and I take supplements for my liver from him and take vitamins too. (Mostly D3 and super B complex)

    I can't take URSO. I got pretty sick on it. However, you can take Low dose nalrexone with Ursodiol.

    If you look at the other forums on this site ( you will find the Ldnfoundation. Listen to any of their audio broadcasts. Ldn (low dose naltrexone) is very, VERY promising in fighting the battle against auto immune diseases. PBC included.


  • Correction-

    I'm sorry, the ldn forum on this site is called Ldn Research Trust

  • Glad you've not got cancer, I'm waiting on MRI result to find out if I have liver cancer, the waiting is the worst , hope I've good news too, I worked full time, then partial retirement =4days, then cut down to 3days, done this gradually over 5years, now I'm finally retiring, at 65, I'm so exhausted now, it's time to enjoy life as best as I can,

    Cutting down work gradually may help you make a final decision on stopping work all together, hope this helps you decide what to do, keep well, xx

  • Thank-you. Hopeful prayers to you regarding your MRI. Positive thoughts sent your way.

    I am thinking of working less just giving myself some time to see how I am feeling. Hope you get good results so you can enjoy retirement.

  • Hi Franky007

    Such good news to read that you are free of cancer but what a stressful time you must have had.

    I am assuming that in Canada you retire around the age of 65. If you cannot retire earlier is there any chance to work part time or is there a work related health benefit that you could apply for?

    Hope you manage to sort something out to your benefit.

    best wishes

  • I am fortunate and can retire in 4 years. Full pension with my work and early retirement. A lot to think about. I am thinking on going part time as I need the health care benefits too.

  • Franky I'm so happy for you that you don't have liver cancer. Congratulations. Do you have a hobby or something that you enjoy doing to keep you busy?

  • Yes I have hobbies but some I can't do so much anymore. However I don't seem to be bored as I don't sleep well at night and then can't get up in the morning.,

  • I have the same problem. I started cake decorating and making cake decorations. I started doing this with my husband before this medical stuff started popping up. This one is the only one that seems to be lingering out there torturing me. But I do list my cakes and either sell them or give them to homeless or toss them. It's a lot of fun and my children get involved. It's always good if you have a hobby that you can make money to help pay for it.

  • Hi

    I can tell you the same story, was really struggling in work for about a year would sleep straight after work and most of weekend had no life so decided to take some time off work. Now a year later realised how bad that time was. So don't feel guilty if you take time of work.

  • Thanks, I have taken care of people at home and work since I was 18. It's hard for me to think of myself so used to being the one who takes care of everyone

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