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Joint pain

Poor concentration

Bad memory




red palms

Hi all, this list describes everything that I share with so many others, added to the list I have night sweats and have a fan going at the side of the bed no matter what the weather is like, although it does disturb my other half. I seem to forget things in minutes and I use to be able to go to a place once and no matter how long till I go that way again I could take you back, or if I seen something in the shops etc, but now not being able to drive and in my wheelchair all the time when we are out I just can't remember anything and its driving me crazy, suppose it's a good job i'm not a chef any more (haha) now that would be scary.

hope everyone is as healthy as they can be.


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Hi Derann,

I, too, have many of the symptoms on your list. I take Omega 3 with DHA and fish oil and I think it has helped with my cognitive issues. I'm not like I used to be, but I feel like I'm better than I was a few months ago.

May I ask what has you in a wheelchair? Is it something associated with PBC or do you have another condition (as many of us do)?

I've been told by my doctor that some symptoms can be side effects of the meds. Have you looked into possibly adjusting or changing some of your meds. to see if some of the symptoms resolve? Just a thought.

Sorry you are having such a hard time. It's no fun feeling crappy all of the time. It definitely takes it toll on you.

Take care,



I have found out this week how easy it is to feel down and it all gets on top of you and seems so negative.

Then you just have to make another list with all the positive things in it and it lifts you up again. :-)



I know it's tough - not really knowing what is causing what, and if it's worth bothering with that trip to the docs - I usually need to be feeling better to feel strong enough to bother - best of luck and keep going - look forward to the good days


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