Am now on the transplant list

Hi folks

just a quicky, sorry not to have been active on the site for a while but have been busy. Been abck to transplant centre for second assessment and I am now on the list.

I am writing a blog so if you are bored and need five mins to fill, and are curious please feel free to visit the site.

I am feeling positive though, if not a little tired after all the busyness of the tests etc.

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  • Hope your wait isnt long.

  • Great news, best wishes to you, keep well

  • Great blog. Well done. I will be looking forward to hearing your progress. Good luck.

  • Sending you love and best wishes. Thanks for the blog. Sx

  • Busylady, I will be praying this happens for you as soon as you need it.


  • Good Luck sending you love and best wishes xx

  • All the best hun big hugs xxx

  • Sorry that you have to be on the list but glad that you are there. I will keep you in my prayers and pray that you have a short wait until transplant.

    Be blessed

  • I am 16 years transplant and am in good health most of the time. I do get colds and they take a good while to go away but they do eventually. the best thing is when I go to see the consultant and he says to me that I look very well.

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