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reflux Gerd


hope some one can help, i have acid reflux for 6 years now was diag 6 years ago with gerd and hiatus hernia, small sliding, i have been taken PPI zoton 15 mg one a day for 7 years whats the long term side effects?

also when someone has GERD do i need to be scoped so often has routine? or not? i have only had one scope 6 years ago, or do they only do scopes when required or other symptoms'?

i do worry about barrets ;o(

i get lots of anoying belching, wind sometimes acid thats if i eat the wrong foods, but if i lived on a bland diet there would be no enjoyment, i do try to eat healthy and swim regular im 5,11 and weigh 12 stone so not over weight



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I have severe GERD as a result of my Scleroderma. I saw my rheumatologist last week and she said that on NO ACCOUNT must i experience any GERD at all. They are going to increase my PPI ezomeprazole dose from 80mgs to 120mgs (whopping dose) a day. Even my pharmacist comments on the amount i take, and i am on it for life. I do worry about side effects and i have been on it for years. As i understand it it can interfere with the absorption of some vitamins such as iron, so you should get your iron/B12 levels checked.

I have only had 2 scopes, the first showed grade 2 inflammation, the second a bad candida infection. Not sure they do it routinely


I think I've had 4 scopes since 2003 but it was after I would have problems. This year it was because on an MRI they thought they saw a collasped place in my small intestine. At the time my esophagus was burning and I had nausea. Along with 40mg of Nexium, which I have taken 9 years, I was prescribed Calafate. It helps right away. I have had to take 2 Nexium a day.I miss eating beef, it will set off pain and nausea. Has anyone ever had it to taste like liver to them?


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