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How many PBC's on this site are from the United States specific East Coast? I had this idea I love to travel and would love to plan a PBC cruise for us. I think a great diversion and hanging out with people that know how we are feeling good be a great thing. I was thinking about Spring 2012 if any one out there is interested let me know I was thinking the Bahama's or Carribean .... Just thought I would throw it out there it would be great if we had a spouse or friend to cruise with so that they get a better understanding of this disease....

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  • I live in Baltimore, Maryland and the cruise port is 20 minutes from my home. We took our first cruise in 2006 and fell in love with cruising. Jan. 2012 we completed our 7th cruise.

    We are currently looking at a Royal Caribbean 12 Night Southern Caribbean Cruise leaving April 1, 2013. Price for inside cabin starting at $999.00.

    I would be overjoyed if I could meet up with my PBC buddies. Yes it would be good for our spouses to hear about PBC for other suffers as well for us to hear the view of the suffers spouses.

    Brillant idea Judy!!!

  • Fantastic idea! I live in the Miami area and i know Royal Caribbean has some great specials, especially if it's not the height of the season. Group rates may be plausible too.

  • I have a couple of contacts at Carnival and NCL and could look into cruises out of Orlando area I am in North Carolina and another person that responded is close to Baltimore and shes booked already for an April 2013 Cruise. I think we should look at cruises that are in later summer of 2013. Do you have any contacts if so check with them and suggest that it is a group and if we pull it all together we have plenty of time to get all the info posted and see how many people want to book... Whats your thoughts. So excited about this idea !!! I love love cruising...

  • live south of tampa, sounds like a winner. we've only cruised once but loved it.

  • I am working on details and options and will keep posting information as I gather it. Glad to hear that there is interest in our little community...

  • For some reason this showed up in my news feed today. Whatever happened?

  • Life happened I have been in the middle of treatment and the side effects have been awful. It's always a possibility though we love to cruise my hubby and I and are off in December on 2 cruises out of miami back to back. Life at sea has no problems it's my calm place. It will be my reward for enduring this year of treatment which at this point was only marginal.

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