What are your opinions on a vegetarian diet for PBC and AIH?

I struggle with appetite. My digestion is very sluggish and if I eat meat it just stays there and gives meterrible indigestion. I have eaten a veggie diet for 3 days now and included nuts, seeds and pulses in place of meat for protein, and today for the first time since my diagnosis in April I actually felt hungry and have eaten normally.

Any ideas on healthy veggie/vegan eating for PBC AIH.

Thank You

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  • I am a vegan and have been for 4.5 years. There are so many alternatives for eating a vegan diet, once i had found a soya milk that i liked i was off! I have vegan cheese, vegetable protein which makes a mean spag bol/shepherds pie and it has lowered my high cholesterol without medication, and the animals are happier. Winners all round! :)

  • Hi inkedup thanks for your reply, I am considering a vegan diet because I feel so much better eating just fruits and veg. I don't mind soya mince either but have not yet found a soya milk that I like. Is it expensive to eat a vegan diet? Any info would be great.

    I have also noticed a problem with eating bread or pasta....may try gluten free. I get bloating, pain, gas, and diarrhoa after eating bread,I did not have this before my diagnosis....this is a problem. I also have diarrhoa because of the PBC AIH....am on steroids only until my next app on 5th July when I will be put on azathioprine as well.


    x conniefused

  • Sounds like gluten may be problem. I,m not a great bread fan actually, just have 'nice' bread occasionally and have porridge with chopped fruit on it for breakfast. Its defo not expensive, we make a terrific lasagne with tofu pieces (which are full of calcium and iron) and lots of lovely veg for around the same price. Tesco's do a vegan range, as do Holland and Barrett, and we are lucky as where we live there's a vegan stall on the farmers mkt which sells yummy pasties and cakes. I like Alpro yogurts, but i dont like their soya milk which seems to taste of vanilla. We prefer Tesco's soya milk in cartons which also has added Vit D, Morrisons soya milk is good too! Linda McCartney sausages are good with hash browns, beans etc with a fry up too.

  • Thank you lol... am going tesco on wednesday when bank holiday over....have not tried tesco own soya.....I have a question about tofu....the last lot I had was very flimsy, soft and soggy..how do you drain it....and can you buy it already firm and flavoured.



  • Tofu can be soft, medium or firm. I drain it by setting it on several folded paper towels and gently pushing down on the top with a folded paper towel. Change towels if necessary and let it sit about 10 minutes. Then you'll be good to go.


  • I buy cauldrons smoked tofu, you can get it in Tesco's, The other stuff is very bland, but if you're inventive you have to drain it between 2 plates and a tea towel and then marinate it! Plenty of online recipes you can look at.

  • thanks guys...very much


  • Have been a vegetarian for past 15 years but am not a vegan and still eat fish and seafood occassionally. I consider myself lucky regarding the PBC as most of the time I feel fine. I keep fit and apart from the odd tired days (particularly if I am at all stressed) and a few aching joints and occassional pain under my ribs, I feel quite well and healthy. Really believe my diet has a lot to do with this. first abnormal blood test was 6 years ago and only slow progression since then. Suggest that if you don't want to go vegan then give vegetarian with fish a go! Good luck. x

  • Hi Gioelli, I believe there is a lot to say about a healthy vegetarian diet. If I was vegan I would miss some of my favorite things like brie cheese lol. I always get the reduced fat version which tastes just as good. I have had six days in a row of feeling well which is good for me, and I think also down to what I have eaten this past couple of weeks. I do have serious fatigue issues though as well as weakness. Exercise would be very good for me but it's finding what my body can tolerate though I do love swimming. I enjoy prawns, tuna, salmon and mackerel, so vegetarian with fish occasionally is a very good alternative....I admit that if I went out for dinner say to a chinese restraunt..then I would try some meat dish, but inevitably would go for seafood.

    I also have aches and pain in joints and under ribs. To say I was only diagnosed with PBC and AIH about 6 - 8 weeks ago, I have adjusted well and keep adjusting as my energy levels and my awareness of my limits become obvious lol.....I am coping well considering.

    This site is a godsend, the help and support is wonderful.

    Thank You


  • conniefused,

    I am not a vegan, wish I were, but I haven't eaten any red meat, lamb or pork for many years. I do eat fish and chicken although the organic chickens that are hormone and antibiotic free are sooo expensive.

    Giving up meat means you have to be creative when planning meals, hard to get used to at first but, for me, the benefits of a diet rich in vegetarian ingediants is so worth it. No tummy problems at all, if only the bugs crawling up my legs would go away!

    Take care now......

  • In the last 5 wks since I have been on my slimming world healthy eating plan, I have got more energy, as well as losing 9.5lbs! Think the reduction in fatty foods definately help the liver, as well as eating more fruit and vegetables. Take care. X

  • Hi, this topic is really interesting me. I love vegetarian food, but run out of good meal ideas, that are filling so end up on the meat. I feel so much better when i'm eating a vege diet. It's just a matter of sticking to eat. I seem to love punishing myself with unhealthy food quite often. Just need to get my head in gear and sort myself out, cos no one else will do it for me.

  • I have been a vegetarian (not eating meat or fish) since I was 9 years old - am now 64, and, as part of that regimen, I have for many years eaten lots of natural yoghurt. I don't know whether these two facts are the reasons I don't seem to get the horrible symptoms that people write about, apart from the itching, or whether it's just that my PBC hasn't gone too far yet. I don't seem to get that debilitating tiredness that many of you talk about - or at least I haven't experienced it yet, but again that could be because my PBC isn't too far advanced yet.


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