Anyone asymptomatic?

Hello! I'm AMA+ with elevated IgM's. All other blood tests within normal range & ultrasound and MRI show no damage to liver or bile ducts. Gastro Dr. says this is a precurser to PBC. In other words, I'll be diagnosed with PBC in the future. I have no symptoms at this time. One advantage to being a geezer (70) is that he says because this disease progresses slowly, I may not have symptoms within my lifetime. Could this be true? Any other older folks out there? Until 1 month ago I'd never heard of PBC, now I worry everyday. From sunny California I wish you all the best of luck and good health! Take care, Maureen

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  • I do know of others in there 'evening years' who are asymptomatic. I also know of many others who are in there middle age who remain Asymptomatic.

    I would say, if you are Asymptomatic... then just try to enjoy your days.

    You will hear a lot about symptoms in places like this because it is those who have symptoms who 1. Get diagnosed (unless its picked up by accident)

    2. who are looking for support for the symptoms they have...

    Hope your good health persists x

  • Thank you for the info and the kind words, greatly appreciated!


  • You have to just get on with your life and not think too much about it or you will drive yourself mad. I am not asymptomatic but I just deal with the symptoms when they affect me and make the necessary adjustments to my life.

    Be positive. Life is for living. Have fun and hope you keep asymptomatic. x

  • Thank you Jtxx, a good reminder to stay positive! It's helpful to know that you are able to deal with the symptoms of PBC. Cheers to you and best wishes.


  • The way I look at it is that I cannot do anymore than I am to control what is happening inside my body and if you dwell too much on it you could end up becomming depressed, which does not help anyone.

    Just got to deal it and get on with it. The one point I will say is that I am one of the fortunate ones who do not have the itch. I remember my mother suffering terribly with that so I count my blessings. x

  • Jtxx, did your mom have PBC? I'm asking because I wonder if my daughter should be tested. It's an uncommon disease for males but because my son has elevated LFT's, he's being tested.

    How wonderful that you don't experience itching, I dread this and hope I'll be like you. Wishing you happy and healthy days.

  • My mum had it and her big sister has it. I have a 21yr old daughter but was told not to go looking for it at such an early age as it tends not to be a problem until your mid 40's. She is well informed as to the early symptoms. They say it is generic and not hereditary. It can also affect insurance and mortgage stuff so told best not to go looking unless there are problems.

    Also I am AMA negative (which is rare) so she might come into that catagory too which does not help with diagnosis.

  • I am 43 with AMA and IGM, but LFT's ok. I also suffer from Scleroderma though so have elevated ANA and high inflammation levels. I do worry that PBC will develop as i already have health problems, but just want to get on with life as best i can. Hope you stay asymptomatic!

  • Sorry about your Scleroderma diagnosis. Here in the states it's very unusual to be tested for AMA unless you are experiencing really elevated LFT's or symptoms like itching. I still don't know why I was given this test. If AMA testing was a routine blood test, I wonder how many people would have a positive reading.

    Best of luck with your health problems and try to give yourself a break from worry. Thanks for responding.


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