Affects on Eyesight?

I have recently developed a change in the perception of colour, it started with reds blaring out at me. Been to the opticians today, said eyes are fine it sounds like something that stems from the brain and referred me for MRI Scan. Left me with the reassuring words liver disease can have all sorts of affects on the brain.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or other eyesight problems?

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  • hi sorry not with vision, just dry eyes

  • I have been struggling with night blindness for the past 3 winters, which has been exaccerbated by living on top of a remote hill with no street lighting. I knew that I wasn't safe to drive 3 years ago. If we had lighting I could probably see well enough to drive. I have been to hospital 5 times in the past 6 months. Day vision and field of vision seem fine. In January I was told I had an eye disease that "will cause total blindness" and have been at my wits end. Turns out this diagnosis was VERY wrong. I have now been reassured. The liver, though, is very much involved with seeing in low light. Is it rods or cones that decipher colour? I would ask your Liver team unless your Eye consultant has an interest in auto immune disease related eye problems. This must be very confusing and upsetting for you and I hope that you will feel encouraged that a scan has been arranged: I hope you will be reassured by it.. Good luck. Let us know how you get on. It's a good job flowers come in a multitude of colours, still so much to see and enjoy. Take care.

  • I feel in the last few months my eyes sometimes feel "stunned or gritty". I don't know quite how to describe it! Kind of like the wind gets in my eyes! Had them tested and have been given a very small reading prescription which doesn't make a lot of difference to how they feel but do ping small writing on reports a bit better although I could still see them! Colours ok though. Good luck with the MRI. Let us know how you get on. Take care. X

  • I'I was diagnosed with PBC in 2008 having had type 2 diabetes controlled by medication for over20 years. Which came first is questionable as I have had some of the symptoms of PBC fobbed off as 'its because you are diabetic'. An example would be dry eyes.....prescribe viscotears, skin itching and inflamed.......alergic to latex. thyroid imbalance necessitating thyroxine in ever increasing doses.painful muscles and joints...arthritis. THEN when I had a stroke in 2008 and was in hospital for 23 weeks,a young inter saw my ever increasing symptoms and suggrsted they find out if it could be PbC and then it was CONFIRMED. At last it was named and each symptom listed was present and no one could understand how I could have gone so long before someone thought of doing the biopsy. I NOW TAKE 40 TABLETS PER DAY in MEDICINE MANAGER PUT UP nd delivered by the pharmacy every week as my fingers are too infirm to dispense the tablets from packaging myself

  • Yes I've only recently been diagnosed and I feel my eyesight is failing rapidly

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