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i was diagnosed with pbc in december of last year im not sure as to what names are given to these blood levels only that 3 positive blood

test came back which resulted in the antibody test being done and coming back positive today ( 14th march ) i went for a firbro scan and was told i had no significant scarring which doesnt really tell me anything my results were 6.3 does anyone know what that level means and the name of the levels in the blood all i know is that they started at 120 then 140 then 180 and the last 1 was 230 thanks debg

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Take it the antibodies were AMA (Mitochondria Ab) positive which is a diagnostic test for PBC sufferers.

The first result of 6.3 sounds like a Billirubin Count - Normal counts should be <20 soif it is for that then that's good as its within the normal range. Mine have always been normal.

Also there are blood tests called LTF's (Liver Function Tests) which are broken down to ALT and AST (don't know their long names). As far as I believe the normal count for these are:- ALT - 35

AST - 32

My ALTs have been as high as 651 and my AST as high as 278 but I have AIH/PBC overlap syndrome so I think my levels might be different than someone with only PBC. Not sure how that works.

I am sure others will reply as this is a great site for information. Everyone is so willing to help and share their experience.

I hope this helps. x


I agree with Jtxx,

it sounds as though your results are referring to your bilirubin count and your liver enzymes. It is very daunting but try not to be too alarmed if your liver function tests are high, they are not the only marker on how things are going. Like Jtxx my lFT's have been in the high hundreds and have remained abnormal in mid 200's since diagnosis despite medictaion.

Have you been given ursodeoxycholic acid (regular medication often improves the bloods)

when do you see you doctor again?

wish you well


Hi DebG.

I had no idea about normal ranges in blood tests until I had been told I had abnormal LFT's in 2010. (Diagnosed PBC Dec 2010.)

My husband came to appointments with me and he asked for print-outs of the blood test results I had in that time. The GP obliged there and then and on them were my results and also what are supposed to be normal ranges. With this you can see but your doctor should explain if you ask. I found my GP to be better than the hospital specialist. Seeing the results can be worrying but at the end of the day, to me, it's far better knowing than not.

Good luck.


thanks all for responding so quickly i thimk its a bit clearer now but like you suggested peridot need to ask more questions and itchyandscratchy i have been pescribed ursodeoxycholic i will be visiting my consultan t in a couple of weeks thanks all


I would suggest that you contact the PBC foundation, who will give you all the information & support you need.



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