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New! (and confused)


I am someone with Scleroderma (anti centromere antibody +ve) which is a pretty horrible condition. With it comes fatigue, very dry eyes etc etc. I am however highly positive for anti mitochondrial antibody and occasionally (!) anti smooth muscle antibody. My LFT's are ok, but i suffer from alot of PBC symptoms, but which could also be Scleroderma related. I have a lot of inflammation in my bloods and am Vit D deficient. Just wondering if anybody else has these sort of issues, and whether anti mitochondrial antibody means you defo have PBC?

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In principle AMA positive is 95% accurate in showing if you have PBC or not, they say. BUt as PBC is a definitely not 100% known condition, and as a lot of misleading (scary) information is out there, I strongly suggest you contact the PBC Foudation Edinburgh. They can give you accurate medical information and also lifestyle counseling and just any kind of PBC-related information.

The PBC Foundation

2 York Place



Telephone: 0131 556 6811 (+44 131 556 6811 from outside the UK)



Hi and welcome,

i too have a number of auto immune things going on. So many of the symptoms of the auto immune diseases are the same its hard to tell which is down to which.


Hi --- i suggest a liver Biopsy to determine ----


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