Cataracts anyone?

Not too sure how to word this.

I went to the optician yesterday for my eye test. I mentioned my dry eyes and dry mouth but not being tested for Sjogrens up to now. Whilst looking at my eyes she said I have cataracts forming on both eyes. I am 50. Wondered if there might be a connection with the dry eyes if it was Sjogrens, also on Net doctor saw there was a link to the fact some people with Sjogrens can have PBC. I also have Impaired glucose (but not diabetic) and my last Thyroid test was a bit out so have to have that repeated next month.

Most websites talk about cataracts affecting older people (80ish) so wondered if they might be related to auto immune.

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  • Hello zipitydoo.

    I always thought that cataracts were more for much older people but interestingly I've just discovered that they're not and there are 3 different types. There are age-related cataracts which are for the much older group.

    Check out this site. It is an American one but gives info tho' in England expect treatment varies slightly.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the info. It helps to know its not unheard of for younger people. its bad enough feeling like I am 90 some days. :-)

  • i don't know bout cataracts, (i'm 54) - 3 yrs ago i was told i have the beginning of glaucoma, both eyes -- that was a big Hello for me --

  • I bet it was. Does it run in your family?

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