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Hi just wondering if anyone suffered indigestion while on Urso. My hep started me on 500 daily in March and apart from a bit of nausea I was fine but now I have moved up to the 1000 daily and am having indigestion a lot which is something I never suffered from and also am getting an odd ache on my right side so don't know if this is my exercising or maybe is something changing or again maybe the Urso!! So fed up with all this when felt perfectly OK before having my biopsy!! Thanx lynn

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When I first had URSO I was prescribed Omeprazole for the indigestion now though I just have gaviscon when needed.Hopefully you will settle into medication and feel the benefit soon.

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Casslucy in reply to butterflyEi

Thanx ButterflyEi for replying. I do take Gaviscon now and again but I thought you weren't suppose to take that with the Urso but I suppose if it helps it'll hardly do much harm. Lynn

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Kakey in reply to Casslucy

You're not supposed to take antacids 2 hrs before or after Urso, but apart from that it is ok to take them. So maybe that's what you're thinking of. I'm not sure if Gaviscon counts.

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Casslucy in reply to Kakey

Thanx Kakey it probably is something like that. At least I can take it if needed altho I'm sticking with the 750 mg for a while I think. Thanx lynn

The right dose is 13-15mg/kg. If that is what your dose represents, you will probably adjust. But if it's more than that then tell doc I was put on a high dose to see if it would bring down all phos. It didn't and I had terrible stomach discomfort and diarrhea. That was 1000mg. Back at 750mg and feel good. Liver enzymes remain the same. Treat the indigestion if necessary. Better than liver transplant.

Thanx Abstractionist for replying yes my dose is 1000 but indigestion is bad at this. My hep did tell me if it was giving me problems I could go down to 750 but I'll see how it goes. I'm hoping it might go away when I get used to them. No nobody wants a transplant if they can get away with it!! Lynn

Hi Casslucy, I am now 4 months in on 750g and for the first few weeks, I had a very upset stomach. Latest check shows my levels are now within normal, having started at way way above and I am definitely responding to the Urso. Mine did settle down and I’m really pleased that I’m responding to the meds. Apart from some fatigue, I feel much the same as before I started the course, but if your doctor agrees, stick with it and see after a few months, in my case the stomach issues did settle, I hope so for you too.

Thanx Redpandatime for replying. I'm glad yours has settled down and you're doing well. I'm taking 750 for the meantime. My hep said if 1000 did give me problems then 750 would be OK to take. I know it should be 1000 but if he's happy!! I was only diagnosed in Feb and apparently it is at the mild side so I suppose its early days yet.

Dear Casslucy. I was diagnosed about four years ago and have taken 1000 mg of Urso since then. I do have indigestion and was prescribed prescription Famotidine (which is a stronger Pepcid) by my doctor, which does help a lot.

I also have that pain on my right side just below my ribs, but no abnormalities show up on scans and ultrasounds in that area. I have learned from this web site that a lot of patients with PBC experience this. One doctor just said "that is where your liver is", but otherwise doctors seem unconcerned about that ache.

I hope you are doing better and find the right medication to help with your indigestion. I guess we just have to live with that right sided ache.

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Casslucy in reply to hypnovoice

Thanx for the reply hypnovoice. I'm quite new to this so just trying to get my head round it all and I've never had indigestion in my life so I think that's what it is lol!

Hey me again 😊 Make sure you take with food. I take all of mine at bedtime as per consultant. If I take early then I get terrible indigestion and diarrhoea x

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Casslucy in reply to Carrickgal

Hey Carrickgal glad to hear from you. Hope you're doing well. Yep I take them with my lunch and dinner but have come down to 750 to see if it makes any difference. I'm due my first blood test next week so I'll see how it's going. Definately felt better b4 the tablets tho. Thanx lynn

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creedy1 in reply to Carrickgal

I am the same, for me taking them at bedtime is favourable.

Great tip Carrickgal!

Yes I get indigestion too, and the pain in my right side , sometimes the pain is so bad I just have to breathe through it and wait for it to subside. I am on omeprazole for the indigestion, it really helps, ask your hepatologist for a prescription. I find that when the hospital prescribes it initially then the doctor st my surgery is happy to sign off for a repeat prescription. I take one a day in the morning and now can eat normally with no problems Hope you get some support soon.

Thanks for the reply RoxyP. I've dropped my Urso down to 750 from 1000 at the minute which my Hep ok'd and I don't get indigestion but I have to go back up at some stage so I'll see what happens then. Its not a pain u get at my side its just a feeling where I had my biopsy it's not there all the time. I had my first bloods done yesterday since on the Urso so fingers crossed for that one!

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