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Hair Loss

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Hair loss. Alarming increase in the last few months - any advice please?

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Hi Cressy, my hair loss turned out to be a different auto immune disease called lichen planopilaris. Please try to get an appointment with the dermatologist. The GP may be able to get your zinc level checked as that was the first blood test taken by the dermatologist which found my levels to be low. My dermatologist also recommended using 5% minoxidil which I tried for 18 months but sadly has not made any difference to me however it works for many. There is a foam which I found easier to use and if you decide to try the minoxidil shop around as it is quite expensive. I believe at the time I purchased mine from Kirkland.

Try to find a shampoo that has no impurities. I have started using Palmer's cocoa butter but there are many other shampoo makes without parabens.

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Cressy in reply to butterflyEi

Thanks butterflyEi, I appreciate your advice. I have been using Liz Earle hair products for some time so don't think it is that, however I have had more than the usual amount of stress recently so I wonder if that is the cause and nothing to do with PBC or Urso. Time will tell I guess.

I started taking Biotin supplements for hair loss. It is supposed to help hair, skin, and nails. PBC has made my skin so dry so I have that itching sensation. My research suggests it takes 1 to 3 months to notice a difference. I am on my 3rd week. Fingers crossed.

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Cressy in reply to Raoul01

Fingers crossed for you too. Sincerely hope it works. I think I will give it a try, can only help. Many thanks Raoul01.

My heart goes out to you and others with this, but I am an over 80 male with scant hair left on my head, but I grow a healthy beard. I find very little baldness in the males of my family and don’t know for sure what caused mine.You have received some good advice from the previous two respondents. Good luck!


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Cressy in reply to Stub007

Thanks Don. I feel lucky to belong to this community, I have very little to complain about compared to others but they are all so supportive.

I had quite a lot of hair loss but I managed to stop it with olaplex 3 which worked from first use. I still shed a little but nothing like what I did.

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Cressy in reply to Wocket

Thanks Wocket, I will look into it.

I also had a lot of hair loss the first months after starting urso . I was in a panic.

I took biotin what is in fact vit B8.

It helped for me enormously.

I took quit a high dose and it took a few months to have a good result. Now my hair growth back as normal. I stil take biotin but not always every day and in a lower dose.

Excuse me for the writing mistakes. My mothertongue is netherlands

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Cressy in reply to Krkkrk

Thanks so much for your reply. I have been on Urso for over 10 years and already take vit B complete but I will certainly give Biotin a try.

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Cressy in reply to Krkkrk

Hi Krkkrk, no need to apologise, your English is excellent. I already take Vitamin B complete but Biotin has worked for you and been recommended by others so I will definitely try it. Many thanks.

Morning....So many factors go into hair loss. Age, diet, medications, stress, hair products.

I tend to not eat much and am not able to digest meats/poultry, so finding essential amino acids is tough for me. After a year of pandemic diet, my hair has thinned and became fine.

So, now I'm making sure to get at least 60 grams of protein daily. Thank goodness I can handle Skyr and hard boiled eggs. I have been doing scalp massages with amla oil which seems to help. Started using a scalp scrub with a massager, a good clean Amla shampoo and conditioner. I also use a chelating shampoo....All by HAIRPRINT. I've ditch cheap hair products and found some that do not bother my scalp. Is this perfect, not really, but by hair seems to be livelier than a month ago. Be well

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Cressy in reply to mrspeffer2

Many thanks mrspeffer2 for your information and advice. You are so right about the factors that contribute to hair loss and I am starting to think that mine might well be stress brought on by family health and my own - not relate to PBC. I will take onboard what you have said and wish you well.

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mrspeffer2 in reply to Cressy

My pleasure. I just watched an interesting video put out by Hair La Vie. I was so impressed that I researched it for over an hour. Finally bought the supplements, mask, and shampoo and conditioner. Returned the HAirprint stuff and purchased a difl erent hard water detox shampoo from Noughty....I'm a bit of a product junkie, but extremely hopeful this will do what it says. My beautiful thick, almost coarse hair is now thin and fine.....NO BUENO!!!!! Let me know what you think.

Be well 🕉️

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Cressy in reply to mrspeffer2

I've had a look at the Noughty website and like the fact that its cruelty free and reasonably priced so will definitely give it a try. Hope it works for you and you get your beautiful thick hair back!Stay well.

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