Do you use hair colourants?

I have found an interesting article on hair colourants and wondered how many of you out there use it at intervals?

I am 47 and never permed/dyed my hair until about 10yrs ago and then I only used the non-permanent ones.

Read about a possible link with octynoic acid that is in certain hair colourants (obviously don't know the ingredients to every brand) and PBC.

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  • i used to dye my hair blonde quite a lot in my twenties. I can't remember which dyes though. I often wondered this, as I found an article in some old copies of the bear facts. It would be interesting if it was investigated again.

  • I used to use an chestnut color. Now have no hair to do.

  • Yes I use clairol and summer blonde and have done since I was 16 years old

  • hi yes i have coloured my hair one way or another for 40 yrs and too have heard about a link in pbc. I have heard a lecture from a specialist who has links with the pbc foundation and it was mentioned as a question in some research that that the foundation did some years ago. There appears to be quite a few things in common between sufferers but no proof...other things mentioned were your water supply as more common in some parts of country. Something i noticed myself is that a lot of my pbc friends like me have worked at sometime in the nhs as health professionals, posing the question about our abiltiy to fight off infections and our bodies response to this. Sorry gone bit of subject now but i had a flu like illness 30 yrs ago that left me with symptoms of glandular fever....and i've always wondered if there was a link

    take care

  • Your mention of working in the medical environment, I did start working in a medical environment myself some 6yrs ago now. I worked there 3yrs before I quit to switch jobs.

    The timeline the hospital doctor reckons for me would have been around a yr after I started in that particular post. I was offered the Hepatitis vaccinations being in that environment which I took up and I can't help wondering if that was some trigger.

    I know I really have never suffered colds in my lifetime nor had I frequented a doctor until 2010 when the itch started and whilst being in the medical centre, I never really succumbed to anything patients were walking in with daily.

    Understand nearly everything around us can be of some toxicity and we all react differently. I myself have never worn make-up in my life and non-permanent hair colourants are quite a new thing to me (started later life using and not overly-frequently).

    I think for us all, with PBC diagnose, tho' we may always wonder, as I do, it's also just as good to switch off, take the risks and live as best we can too. It's that thing, some days I feel it's on a slide, others I'm on a climb.......

  • Hi there I couldn't agree more, there's no point worrying about how we got here(interesting maybe). Lets just look forward and take each day as it comes.Personally I've had a very stressful 5 years with family problems and taking medical retirement, I don't think much about my pbc it takes the back burner

    Take care

  • Hi spoul, i couldn't agree more. You said it brilliantly in your last post.x

  • peridot,

    Yes, I've used hair color products for years. The answer to "how we got here" is the key to preventing others from contracting this disease.

  • Most of the information I've read inticates that it's only the darker shades that have the harmful chemicals. Blondes need not worry.

    Also, the Uk is better at banning toxic chemicals from your products. Here in the US anything goes as the chemical companies influence ($$$) congress.

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