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Hi. Has anyone experienced problems with chemists getting your urso prescription? I have about 4 times now , it makes you anxious worrying if they will get the tablets in , I’ve been given eventually destolit ursodol. ( haven’t seen it before ) 150 mg. is this ok.? I normally have wockhardt 300 mg

Also it’s a bloody nuisance that the government in the uk will only let me have a prescription for 90 tablets a month now ( previously I had a prescription for 260 tablets ) before the law changed but at least you have a small stock pile in for times when a pharmacy cannot get your Urso !

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Yes there seems to be a problem with some pharmacies getting hold of urso tablets and capsules. I am allergic to some brands, so finding I have to visit several places to find the right ones in stock. I've heard of others having a problem too.

Thankfully haven’t experienced any problems here in West Wales yet.

Where in the UK are you? Didn’t realise it came in different sizes. I’m on 250mg x 4 capsules a day. If I ended up on 150mg I’d have to take 6-7 a day!

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Mrsfancypants in reply to Hils67

Hi h. Yes it’s a bloody pain. I’m normally on 3*300 mg a day. Now it 6*150 mg a day. It’s psychological for me.

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Hils67 in reply to Mrsfancypants

Ah blimey poor you! I know what you mean about being psychological. If find taking 4 capsules once a day such a pain. By the 4th one I’m gagging...so I space them now. Hope you get your normal supply soon! Xx

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Mrsfancypants in reply to Hils67

The north east x

mine were recently changed from Ursofalk to some orange ones but fortunately at still the same dosage. I think the danger here is that if you don't notice the dosage change you could end up taking less milligrams than is prescribed.

Yes. I know, but it is all weight related xx

I had problems before I got my prescription transfered to CVS pharmacy (online). Now I get a 3 month supply in the mailbox no problem.

Hi. I used to get a 3 month supply but the law changed .... I would love to gat a 3 month supple again, for piece of mind ! Cvs? I too am rather grumpy !

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Cressy in reply to Mrsfancypants

I'm in the UK and have always had 3 months supply (diagnosed 2013). No mention of changing law. Worth checking?

I had a delivery of 120 white capsules in a pharmacy-own bottle yesterday. Previously I had Ursofalk and more often Strides, both in strips of 10 or 12 foil backed transparent fronted strips. When I checked the patient inf leaflet (PIL) it was for Ursofalk TABLETS not capsules. As always, the label and outer packet were initialled by dispenser and initialled as checked by assistant. This is my only med. I can check it. But what about people with very complex meds and failing strength to check themselves?

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