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Hi another question as I am rather fed up with cramp.....feet legs hands.....sometimes from my big toe up to my groin and my hands, wrists and arms very annoying. Is this common with AIH PBC overlap or could it be related to another autoimmune condition thank you XXX

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Hmm not sure, does it come on at any particular time of day or following a particular activity? I know I get cramp in my legs when I stretch, but yours sounds more widespread and significant. Wonder if it’s metabolic? Maybe someone else will reply who knows more about it, or while you’re at the doctors for that other thing…


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Reply just gomes on for example eating the hands cramp walking, toes and feet, anytime really. I also have restless legs on a night, with night sweats....not menopausal...test said through it, steroids doing awful things to my body . Thanks again for yoir reply.


Hi vespa27,

I have pbc/aih overlap also and have experienced cramped in legs/ feet, sometimes worse than others. Never said about it to doctor before, just thought it as one of those things. I also have restless legs which is annoying.

Take care



I have AIH PBC and Hashimotos it could be anything...also being treated these last 7 weeks for vitamin D any one of these beauties could be causing it xx


Hi Vespa27

I have seen on other sites people who suffer with cramps suggest drinking tonic water which contains quiinine although with it being so widespread I think a visit to the doctor may give you a more definitive answer.

I think sometimes cramps can be caused by not enough salt intake, although of corse to much salt is not considered good for us. Also if you are dehydrated cramps may occur but again I wonder as you are experiencing body wide cramps the doctor may be the best source of information.


Hi if you don’t suffer from fibromyalgia you should ask your doctor since it might several reasons for cramps but any way Magnesium does help with cramps in general if you are able to take them without causing you more problems.


I get a lot of cramp particular after cycling and random hands/fingers. I found crampex worked well but they stopped making it😖. I now have some success by eating salt and vinegar crisps, I must need the salt. Traditional cure is quinine, go and see your doctor.


Thank you for your replies guys much appreciated. I am going to see consultant on Thursday so I will go through everything with him. I am currently making a list of question to ask him so any input from you guys is welcome, just want to make sure everything is covered. Thank you gain xx


Theraworx Relief Fast-Acting Spray for Leg Cramps, Foot Cramps and Muscle Soreness, 7.1oz. Cramp Defense® with TRUEMAG® - Stop Leg Cramps, Foot Cramps, Muscle Cramps & Muscle Spasms Fast and Permanently. Organic Magnesium, Non-Laxative, NO Magnesium Oxide OR Herbs!

I swear by this stuff. Thought it was a joke, but I haven't had cramps in months.


Hi Vespa,

I seem to get cramps in my hands and arms most mornings when I wake. It’s like severe pins and needles, like my hands and arms have gone to sleep. I mentioned to the doc and he tested my vitamin B12 levels but they were ok. Other than that he wasn’t bothered. Not sure if it’s PBC related or not.

Yours sound a bit different to mine though. Worth running it by the dr to see if vitamin levels are ok.

Best wishes

Hilary xx


Thank you Hilary, yes I am due to see consultant on Thursday so I will run it past him then...I will also go see my gp shes usually very helpful. Allie x

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Magnesium helps with cramp greatly.

It works for all my family and friends. We buy SlowMag in Walmart.

Hope this helps.



Check your folate and b12 ! I do have pbc/aih overlap and I get more spasm all over body then cramps!

What medicine you take for pbc/ far I’m only on urso


Hi sachin. For my AIH I take an immune suppressant medication called 6 mercaptopurin...I had a nasty flare up 8 weeks ago, even had jaundice and spent 2 weeks in hospital. As a result of this flare, consultant put me on 40 mg per day prednisolone steroids. For the PBC I take Urso. Usual protocol for AIH is on diagnosis prednisolone steroids and immune suppressant medication, I take mercaptopurin but the first one they try you on is azathioprin. I dont like what any of this medication does to me, and at consultant appointment in two days, I am going to stop the stetoids and hopefully change the mercaptopurin, because its not controlling my illness.


I have pbc/aih but they only put me on urso..they think it is enough form me..just recently I had flare up my alt went 92 from 50 in a month and now with in week it looks like coming down to 89..I’m scared they might have missed aih now..I talked to them recently they assure there is no way I’m in cirrhosis phase


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