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Rather breezy

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Hi guys thank you for the help over the past few weeks. Its appreciated. I have a question...its actually a little embarrassing, but I just need to get it out there. Since this last flare, I have a problem with gas. It's rather embarrassing and I wonder if it is because of the medication, or, is it because this time the effect of the flare is much worse, or could it be anything else. My diet is improving but for the last year its not been good due to travel living conditions for example camping and staying at a place with no cooking facilities, only a kettle. Also cost of staying in London while working means cant afford to buy or eat take out food, only cuppa soups pot noodles and anything else that requires water. Yeah I know, but unfortunately universal credit is not enough to live on by itself. Just hope that its nothing serious ..its really embarrassing and its never done this before...this is new after my recent flare. Thanks.x

9 Replies
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I also suffer with wind and have always put it down to the medication apart from me being a windy sort of person long before diagnosis. Obviously the diet you are forced to follow will have an impact on your gut health but I hope you are able to buy a bit of fruit as well, apples are always good. Are you able to buy cereals and have it with milk? you probably don't have a fridge but if you have an outside window ledge the temperatures at the moment will help to keep milk for a couple of days.

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yes, all part and parcel of pbc unfortunately... my family won't go in the bathroom after me... ha ha...

sorry to hear youve got to survive on u. credit... did a long stint on income support when our kids were small... jus not enough is it.

i would explain your to doc and ask for vit suppliments as you will probably be lacking in a, e, d, and k... make sure they realise your diet is no way ideal...

also ask anything to calm stomach....

chemist may have a mint remedy... but might mean money.

how about bananas and eggs... not together... ha ha...

but a bag of micro rice with an egg cracked in it can be an easy meal and at least you would be getting a bit of protein, or maybe some scrambled egg in a mug...

i hope your living situ improves... my very best wishes to you unfortunately probably stuck with wind...

p. s. you probably also need vit d and calcium... from docs... something else us pbcers are low in... and need for bones. xx

when our children we

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A lot of us with PBC have gluten sensitivity or celiac disease. For me, the immediate response to gluten is noxious gas that could clear a room! You may want to find a way to lose the noodles. I do understand about the budget thing, and if you were in the US I would have some suggestions on that. Perhaps some of our London crew could give some ideas?

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SunnyXXOO in reply to Michi1

I’m stupefied!! Why isn’t your government helping you.

Not sure how the government works in your country, but USA Government and State makes sure disabled and elderly have safe housing, food, education, daily assistance if needed.

USA tax payers pay for there health insurance and other needs, but that’s okay, we don’t mind helping the unfortunate, disabled, and elderly.

We have plenty of homeless here in USA and we try to help them, but a lot of them choose to live homeless way.

Sorry to hear your troubles, my heart is sad. Hoping the new year is better for you.


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Yes, I have embarrassing gas. Dr just brushes it off when I ask what can I do about it. Always a problem but never any answers :(

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I too have horrible gas, but only if I eat any wheat, bran or flour. I am definitely thinking gluten is a huge no-no even though my doctor says I am not gluten intolerant. Everything I read about autoimmune diseases is that gluten is a huge factor and puts our bodies into attack mode. I try to eat as natural as possible now since I have noticed I feel better off the gluten.

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Hi guys thanks for your replies. I am considering gluten free, but my job, travel, accommodation when working away from home is not ideal. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks

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I also have terrible gas. I have noticed that eating pasta, pizzas and things of that nature causes my stomach to hurt and I have terrible gas as well as diarrhea like all the time.

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I hope your situation has improved as you mention working, as well as Universal Credit. If not, pm me your address and I am happy to donate a slow cooker to you. All you need is a plug, they use very little electricity and you can use them to make very cheap but nutritious soups and stews etc. using tinned veg and packet ingredients if you can’t afford fresh at the moment. They are great if you are working, bung everything in first thing and come home to a hot meal. You can also use them overnight (no fire risk) and wake up to porridge made from whole oats, milk powder (if no fresh) and some tinned fruit to set you right for the day!

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