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Struggling eating anything


I have Hashimotos, gluten intolerance and PBC, also have candida overgrowth, struggle with constipation ( have to take Senna) and my stomach is rumbling and I feel so full and swollen, constant indigestion everytime I eat anything, any help is appreciated 😞

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I have all the same, plus GERD, but, I'm not gluten intolerant. Senna could one of the reasons. Have you ever tried something else? My mom-in-law used to take Senna and she had lots of problems with it. Try Metamucil, or Citrucel. I take Milk of Magnesia at night, works very well for me, but, if you don't want too much magnesium, you should try the other two.

Good luck!

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Thank you iagra I will 🙂


It sounds like you need a visit to your GP, if senna is not working for you that’s pretty potent stuffs d could be making things worse. You can get more affective stool softeners from your doctor that work gently and will not agrivate your stomach to the point of indigestion.

Also the indigestion on its own needs further investigation if it’s been long lasting , you really need to have this looked at, if your that swollen and unable to eat anything. We can all suggest ways to help but in the end we are not doctors and it sounds like a visit is needed to get this sorted out for you. Hope all goes well.

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I’ve had a few endoscopys nothing there no ulcer, this has been going in for years, but I have asked doc for test to confirm Candida in intestines I’m waiting for a referral, not sure what they can do for Candida as antibiotics could make PBC worse😣 I’ve had noviciate before that worked well

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Hi I have same issues, I’m not sure about gluten. I think the rare course of antibiotic isn’t problematic but it’s a personal choice and last resort. I’m trying Keffir and other prebiotics. I’ve just had a endoscopy on Monday showing gastritis, duodenumitus. Feels like it. I hope you get some relief soon, I’ve become a little suspicious of senna too I use almost daily. Those other laxatives sounds worth a go. Good luck to you it’s not nice but we’ve got to keep trying.

Yeast doesn’t treated with antibiotics but the yeast medicines are more potent to liver and kidney..canndia is normal flora in your guts but balance of other gut flora is necessary.. if u are having internal yeast infection than u need to be very serious about proper diet.. smoking, alcohol, sugar wheat are worst for yeast

Visit a dr and get well soon

Yes I am serious and have been on a strict diet no gluten for 6 weeks but before that I have not eaten yeast, cows milk for a year, also taking strong probiotics

I’m also waiting for a gastro referral

I was in the same situation with constipation, bloating, etc,, and being unable to eat. I increased the amount of water I drink by about 300 percent and it's made a huge improvement. Just don't eat too much at any one meal and try to very gradually increase your intake.

I feel I’m in catch 22 cause how could I possibly fit more water in! , I also have a bad craving for salt and never feel the need to drink a lot, it’s almost as if my body is telling me not to drink to much to dilute the salt 😣

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I read that craving salt can be a sign of dehydration amongst other things, so the water suggestion may help. It will help the constipation If nothing else, also you don’t need to feel thirsty to be dehydrated so maybe it’s worth a try.

When you get your referral appointment I would mention the salt craving, it may be a relevant symptom.

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Every specialist I’ve seen( and I’ve seen a lot) I’ve told them all, to no avail, I mean it’s white on the plate I put that much on and it tastes fine

Hi Joanne,

A few months back, I had the same symptoms as you. My GI recommended I try IBGuard for the bloating/constipation. I also started every morning with a cup of cumin seed caraway, star anise and lemon tea. In the afternoons I'd drink tulsi(holy basil) tea. First thing to go was my severe heartburn, quickly after was the constant bloating and pain. While I'm not as regular as I once was, even the constipation has eased. Like others, I recommend drinking lots of water. Hope you find relief soon.

I have scleroderma too, and this has caused slow gut movements. I ended up with small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, which caused pain, no appetite and huge weight loss. I had a breath test which confirmed it. Might be worth having a test, as people who don't have scleroderma get it too.

To me, there is nothing worse than the feeling of being bloated. That, plus constipation must be terrible. I had a candida overgrowth that caused me all sorts of problems from bloating to aches and pains, foggy head, etc. Candida is relentless and wants to be fed all the time. That is what causes those nasty cravings for foods that are doing nothing but making it worse. There is good news....look up the Candida diet. It is rather restrictive and you will need to be on it for an extended period of time, but you can beat this monster. There are also many herbs available to help eliminate the candida in conjunction with the diet. Is it fun? Well, if you enjoy a little pain you'll be ok...just kidding. I just had to do it! It took months, but I was able to notice the difference within days. The Candida(fungus), is in the entire body, so it makes sense to me that constipation is happening. There is a wonderful product by Healthforce called Intestinal movement. Works well and is gentle on the body.

As MissusTee mentioned, there may be other culprits lurking around. Heliobacter or some other bacteria. at least research the alternatives to having to take another pharmaceutical product. Fungus medicine will work, but it will destroy your already weakened gut flora.

Maybe starting a probiotic would be beneficial...Be well

Hi Joanne. I drink homemade kombucha every morning before breakfast for good gut health, reduces my bloating, abdominal cramps and constipation.

I’ve recently gone gluten free and also started LDN, but I’m feeling like I’ve been hit by a bis most days and headaches every day, I’ve been on probiotics months, I don’t eat yeast cows milk products and now gluten, just feel awful, although I still have 1 sugar in my coffee every morning, I will not eat and fermented products as I don’t even eat many veg either, I’ve started milk thistle, and I am going to purchase a infrared light kit to detox liver as I have PBC too ☹️

My doctor okd probiotics. They work for me. I have to wear loose pants. Here is the name. Garden of life..Raw woman. Cheaper on amazon. Pruns raisins.

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