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2018 PBC Conference-Houston, TX

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I would love to share this but I’m not sure how. I was especially interested in Dr Gishs presentation & emailed it to myself. I feel everyone could benefit with all the info. Can someone tell me how I can share it?

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You tube video of Dr Gish presentation.

Ah! Thanks!

No worries! Glad to help 😀


Thanks eileenusa and gwillistexas for sharing that is the best talk i have heard so far he explains it so well

You’re welcome. I thought it was well worth hearing 🦋


I haven’t listened to all the speakers but I’m a big fan of Dr Gish. I put a lot of trust in what he says. 🌺


Why not put another main post on the 'PBC F' Health Unlocked site, as most of the PBC -sufferers and posters on here, probably won't have followed the links to your question, and will not have seen the link to Dr Gich's talk.

Cheers, Gritty

Good idea! Maybe Eileen will share it there. I’ve not figured out how to post links. Thanks!🤗

I would be more than happy for someone to share it🦋


I would post the link but I don't know or understand "where" you are saying to post it. Otherwise glad to assist 😁

Someone mentioned maybe posting it on PBC Foundation so other can see it You’ve been a big help🦋

Just as a normal help/info post/ question to the main PBC site. As we do when we ask a question of everyone on the site. Sorry, I should have done it myself, but right now I should be out and on my way!


Thank you so much for this. I listened to it today and took photos of some of the slides. Very helpful and informative.

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