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Today I've started a low carb way of eating, initially cutting out all beige foods, as TV doctor recommended, ie: not eating rice, bread, potatoes, cake, biscuits or any processed sugar, and cutting out dried fruit and high-sugar fruit.

I'm determined to give it a 2-week start to see if it helps with my chronic tiredness and brain fog and reduces stomach-aches. I'd like to hear from others who've also tried this way of eating and how they have found it. Since developing strong PBC symptoms over a year ago my diet and weight have become uncontrollable. I'm also hoping that the result will reduce the depression I've been feeling with this disease.


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I'm gonna cut out carbs and sugars with you. I've totally lost my way "diet wise." Yes, I did cut out carbs a while back and simple sugars. Yes... I did feel better and lost weight too. Been trying to get back on track. Right now the only thing out of whack is my Alk-phos. It's 153. I have labs again in Aug. I've been diagnosed for 2 years in Oct. Even on URSO, not much has changed at all. I'm bummed about that. Well, my eyes are super dry and my hair is falling out. 😔 I think it's my RA drug combined with the URSO that's doing that. Anyway, here's to the next two weeks!! (I ate carbs earlier as I hadn't read your post. But.... Starting now.)

Stella ❤

Pin44 in reply to Ktltel

Great re the cutting out carbs and sugar. Let's keep in touch and cheer each other on.

Yankeerose3 in reply to Pin44

I'd like to keep in touch too. My hepatologist told me to cut out all carbs. Said anyone who does that will definitely lose weight. Yes, I did but also, got very sick.

Please let us know how you get on,

The most important part of this is that you are in charge of your pbc and not the other way round

Your diet is a sensible one and I’ll be interested In Your mental and physical progress . I should do it too. All the best


Pin44 in reply to boneytoys

Thank you. Taking control of my diet has made me feel better already. Will keep you posted. All the best

Hi Pin44

About two years ago I cut out carbs completely and had a good weight loss. I was 89 kilos and am down to 71 kilos. I have not been so strict of recent and am stuck at this weight or a kilos either side. I generally have oats for breakfast by way of home made meusli or porridge. Lunch is generally salad in the summer or home made soups in the winter sometimes poached natural smoked haddock which is very tasty. Evening meals vary but for the most part I have reduced red meat to maybe once a week or less increased the amount of vegetables, lentils and pulses. I rarely eat pasta, rice and potatoes but feel I need them occasionally. I have been a bit erratic with the diet over the last month but am planning to get back on target today starting with oats with sheep's yoghurt sprinkled with milled chia seeds and a banana, followed by advocado prawn on bed of lettuce for lunch with a spanish chicken dish with butter beans and other vegetables for dinner. I have been told that protein is needed to keep you full so I try to make sure there is plenty of protein at meal times so that I do not snack in between, which of course I do sometimes :-)

Good luck with your diet regimen, let us know how you get on.

best wishes

Well done, ButterflyE. Will try and join in as well!

Hi nice to see you Gioielli5. Great we can all become Slimming PBC World😂

Pin44 in reply to butterflyEi

Thanks, and will do. best wishes

Pin44 in reply to butterflyEi

Thanks, I will. Feel better already, best wishes

Hi I am on a low carb low sugar diet. I went to see a food nutritionist and she has made my life so much better. It's so hard at the beginning to stop eating so many carbs but you get used to it and have more energy and less stomach problems. Breakfast I have porridge or granola which is low sugar with nuts and chia seeds and fresh fruit such as raspberries and blueberries. Lunch soup or salad with a protein of some sort then supper fish or chicken or beef and veg and occasionally a baked potato. Also eat a lot of bean chilli and vegan food , once you are into it , it becomes normal and you don't crave the carbs. At first I recommend having a pot of organic hummous in the fridge with some carrot sticks in case you are desperate for a snack or some oatcakes as you will get the munchies!! Sorry could talk all day on the food side!!!!

Hope that helps to encourage you as it's worth doing .

Kate xx

That's so helpful, thanks.

I don't eat gluten at all. When I do, I itch like mad! I don't understand why everyone is gaining weight when I'm over here losing weight. In all fairness, I do drink a ton of water though. I am down 20 lbs (and was never obese) since diagnosis 5 yrs ago. Good luck! You will feel so much better.

gwillistexas in reply to donna01

I’ve wondered the same about those gaining weight. I’ve lost & would be so happy to get my rear back😅. I drink lemon in my water, probably too much. May be eating my calories.

Hi, I relate to you being on a low carb program. I not only was diagnosed with PBC this year but I have been an insulin-dependent diabetic for 28 years. I developed the diabetes after a severe viral infection. So I guess this autoimmune stuff finally hit my liver. I have been very successful as a Weight Watcher and I have lost over 20 pounds being on their program. When the carbs are low you can lose weight if you also watch the portions that you eat. Eat when you’re hungry, but not starving and stop when you’re satisfied, but not stuffed. Also, Chew your food well and don’t put another mouthful into your mouth until you’ve swallowed the previous bite.

The above has worked for me. Admittedly though, it requires mindfulness and it isn’t easy. The reward is I am 20 pounds less than I was and I feel better.

I have been cutting way back on carbs sugar processed foods and trying to eat organic fruits and vegetables a lot of fish grass fed beef Antibiotic free chicken

I have to say I feel better. I have only been doing this for a couple of weeks and have a dropped a few pounds. Try to eat as natural as possible and follow a Mediterranean diet

I follow Dr Josh Axe and Dr Mark Hyman food guidelines.All the best

Pin44 in reply to Martapete

Thanks, that's helpful. I'm on day 4 and doing well, ie: feeling better already! Best wishes

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