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Helpfulness please


Hi Everyone

Haven't been on here in ages although have read your posts. Feeling rather down in the dumps. Don't know where I'm going in the sense of my P.B.C that's if it is that , that's causing me feeling this way. I get so much pain in my gut the bloating and really don't know what to eat nothing seems to help. I also have an under active thyroid which doesn't help the situation I'm sure my metabolic rate is zero. As the weight keeps on coming. I'm seeing my G.P early on Monday so I'll have to see if he comes up with something .

Sorry to be a misery but I know my dear friends some of you are going through the same thing. Thanks for listening.

Keep smiling.

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Hi Jude1

Sorry you are feeling low.

The PBC Foundation in their compendium make recommendations on how to improve mood in their comments. I now use YouTube for uplifting visualization and meditation recordings. I like the voice of Jason Stephenson. They also suggest light exercise including laughter as exercise and that makes me laugh!

I also feel better for taking pasta and rice out of my diet and have drastically reduced bread products and potatoes. Over a two year period I have lost weight very gradually. Breakfast is mainly oats and yoghurt as I found a sheep's yoghurt I like. I add fruits to ring the changes. Lunches vary from home made soups to salads. Evening meals are usually high in vegetables and protein. I have quite a high fiber diet to help with daily functions!

I think I read somewhere that it is not uncommon for people with long term chronic diseases to be low in spirit. Again for myself as part of the medication I take for the so called itch of PBC I have been prescribed Sertraline and since taking 25mg a day I am better able to cope.

I hope my experience can be of some help to you.

Hi Jude1,

So sorry to hear about your low state and also those tummy issues. Does it have to be a GP that you see? Is there a way you can see a GI? A gastroenterologist perhaps? I ask because it seems many GP's (general practitioner) are just that. "General" about everything. Mine was. It wasn't until I saw a GI that I got help. She inturn sent me to a hepatologist.

I'm a firm believer that everything begins in the Gut. Fix the gut and that's a good beginning to start balancing out other issues. Google Leaky Gut. It's the process of an elimination diet that usually helps.

With the thyroid issues, that's another bump in the road. Maybe the GP can help in that area, I don't know. Watch what you eat. Watch for trigger foods that set off the bloating etc. That usually happens to me after I eat fats, too many carbs, or simple sugars. I know.... All the fun stuff. 😔

I sure hope you get it figured out. Keep us posted. Try the elimination diet first and see how you feel. But don't hesitate to try and see a GI to get to the bottom of the issue.

Thinking about you,

Stella ❤

Hello Jude , bad days are hard to handle , I'm sorry your not feeling well . Try and get some fresh air in the garden even if it's just for ten minutes . Hope the pain goes away soon x

Hi, Jude, I was also getting terrible pains in the gut which lasted for days. My GP gave me Omeprazole which has helped enormously. I did’t have indigestion or reflux, which are the usual reasons for this drug, but I guess the acid was causing the pain. Perhaps you could talk to your GP about this. Unfortunately, though, it hasn’t helped with the bloating.

Hello Jude. I was getting very bloated and having stomach cramp. I cut out gluten and dairy which has helped a lot. I’m also on a probiotic and take vitamins to make up for the ones I’m not getting now. Hope you feel better soon

Hopefully your doctor's appointment is helpful. I need to take a mild antidepressant to help me deal with the condition.

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