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Reducing hours at work?

Please can anyone offer any advice.im a classroom assistant and often cover classes if teachers are not available.the only pbc symptom I appear to have is pain in my feet lower and upper legs.after a day at work I literally don't know where to put myself.im much better during holidays so starting to think about reducing my hours.i don't want to and it's going to be a struggle financially but I'm worried il get sacked anyway if I have more time off as I seem to have picked every bug up that's going round school.has anyone reduced hours?has it benefitted your health?any tips for finance?

As always very grateful for any replies

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Hello Cazz,

l reduced my hours 11 months ago.I feel better for it I felt permanently jet lagged before! I am very glad I reduced my hours I now have some energy for my family .I am glad I kept some work hours I live in hope of a cure and one day working a bit more.Regarding money you should check if you can get any help with citizens advice I don't but I still think it was worth it.I still get very bad fatigue but now I have more time to rest, and time and energy to do things I enjoy.

I hope it works out for you whatever you decide.


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Thanks jane.its not all about money I know but everything is so expensive.i too live in hope of a cure


Hi, Maybe its because the company I work for has been very supportive I am sure I read somewhere they cannot just sack you.


Hi, I work for a local authority and they have been very supportive. I wonder whether it's because I have protection under the Equality Act? If you are a member of the Union go and speak to someone. If not, then as previously suggested speak to someone at the CAB. You may be able to reduce your hours and claim benefits to help with housing and other costs.

The more information your employer has the better for you.


If you are employed directly by the local authority, they cannot just sack you they will have to follow there policies and procedures. There will be a policy that protects you too. The DDA will come into the mix where a chronic condition exists. This is where your employer will have to make reasonable adjustments for you this could mean in the work place as well , I myself used this to reduce to 30 hours a week last year and it's so much better and not having to drive in peak traffic also saves me a lot of time. If you don't have access to your policy documents on line I woul seek out the CAB who can advise.


Hi, i reduced my hours this year from 36 to 27. I now fin work every day at 2pm. This is working fantastically for me as i can now collect my 4yr old from school and spend some quality time with him in the afternoon as i tend to crash and burn early evenings. Life has changed so much for the better, i feel a lot happier and not as fatigued as before as i can rest when my body tells me to instead of struggling on all day only to get home in the evening and sleep till morning spending no time with my family. The money wasnt too difficult to adjust to and the quality of life it has provided far outweighs the loss. I dont regret reducing my hours and strongly advise that if you are considering this avenue then go for it as it will play on your mind and you will never know the benefits it can provide. Heres to life! Good Luck :)


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