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Travel inoculations

I have just tried to book my hepatitis vaccination as I am going to Cuba in April. Apparently there are no stocks left of this at my doctors or in most places as there is a shortage. I am thinking , it is recommended and with PBC it is a must to have for added protection., also God forbid , although symptom free so far, if anything kicked off whilst I was there would it render my insurance invalid as I hadn’t had the jab ? I am in the UK . Anyone have any ideas where I can get it please ? Thanks

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Hi AmandaSlater

In the back of my head I was thinking that there was a service at major airports for this sort of thing so I typed in to google travel vaccinations and near me was offered and this produced quite a few alternatives. Have you tried google for vaccinations near me. It seems that Boots offer a service and they are UK wide - do you have one near you to try?

There was also


Hope this is useful

have a great holiday


Hi, i had the same problem before going to Egypt in November. Our GP was advised to give us the Childrens version which was not in short supply, we have to get a booster within 6 months and then we will be covered for 20 years. I live in Scotland.

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Thanks for that info, at docs next week so will ask x


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