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Could this be PBC?

Hi folks .

I’m 56 after having cirrhosis since 2009 after hep c for around 25 years and after treatment I have been noticing that my skin is hypersensitive and wildly itchy with no rash , my feet and hands are always hurting and yes I have pain in my upper right quadrant,I had my gallbladder out many years ago and suffer from HIV too. Quite the list I know but I’m so glad I came across this site ,it would seem I have PBC as well . Any help would be awesome.The itching is getting so bad I’m not sleeping .any pointers please .i just had my liver enzymes done but they were normal for me. Tho I know my spleen is,enlarged

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Hi Drewi2. Did they test you for AMA and the ALK PHOS?


Hey Donna I’m going to ask those questions when I see my liver doc in April . I have been under the Queen Elizebeth hospital for the last 5 years so not sure if they would have done those particular tests. I know I have liver cirrhosis for my hep c I cleared about 5 years ago . So it may be it’s just my liver getting worse from that and not PBC. Tho I do have so many of the symptoms of PBC. Things to think about .


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