Could this be PBC?

Hi all. I am new to this site and would appreciate some info. I had blood tests taken recently for severe joint pains. I complained of this for many years but all tests came back neg. but I couldn't lift my left hand one day due to weakness. Very frightening. But I went to my GP who reckons it is myalgia secondary to meds I'm on I'm not so sure!!! Anyhow he sent off lots of bloods and the AMA came back positive and M2 raised. 69 I think. Does this point to PBC? Or SLE? I'm very lost. Thanks guys

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  • Flower-powr,

    They say a positive AMA-M2 lab is a definitive marker for PBC. At least that's what my hepatologist told me.

    It's interesting that so many of us with PBC also have joint issues. I'm seronegative for RA. The joint pain came 4 months after the PBC diagnosis for me. Saw a rheumatologist and the rest is history.

    When will you find out from your doctor what's going on? What do they say?


  • Hi Ktltel I have to wait for Rheum review which could take up to a year private but I got one for Oct. not sure if I should see Hepatologist also but one step at a time. Very worried as I've two small kids. I must say I feel itchy lately but just marginally. Would it be unusual to have pains in ankles elbows shoulders. My hips get sore too. Wonder if it's lupus

  • Fkower-powr,

    You are young for PBC but it seems many are getting it younger these days. I don't know if this is the case with you, but please be comforted, they're meds for really slowing this disease down. What's also weird is how auto immune diseases come in pairs or packs!! Ugh!!

    Try to see a hepatologist sooner if you can. The itching thing sounds like what many who have PBC experience. So, the sooner you get on meds the better.

    Keep me posted. My stupid phone is about to black out... Got a new one coming tomorrow. Read all you can on here. Ask questions. Many experienced women here ready to be a support to you!


  • Hello Flower Power I was diagnosed with pbc by a hepatologist after going to rheumatologist with joint pains, it was a shock as I hadn't heard of the disease.If your blood tests positive for AMA I would ask your GP to refer you to a hepatologist so this can be investigated properly and you can get a proper answer and early treatment if it is needed.That is what my doctor did.Jane.

  • Hi guys. Thanks a mill for all the advice. I'll get started on the process. I'll keep ye posted.

  • Joint/muscle/bone pain are listed as symptoms of PBC on the Mayo Clinic's PBC webpage - they are listed under 'Later symptoms' but, as many of us know, or have read, 'symptoms do not correlate with the stages of PBC. But, these symptoms can also be part of other conditions so it is always best to have them checked out by your doctor.

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