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I am getting ready to go see my Doctor O'Konski whom I love and respect! I am going for blood work and an abdominal scan a week before my

Appointment. I feel pretty good! I just spent two days walking around Universal Studios with family and grandkids. I want to do everything now incase here comes a time I have to slow down! Everyday is a gift!

I just keep taking my Urso and thinking positive! I hope my tests come back really good and my doctor has positive things to say. I do get nervous on appointment day! I guess that's normal!

Love to all!


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Good luck Ruth! I hope your tests come back with great results!



Yes. I have a greater since of urgency now in wanting to make the most of life and to not waste energy on non-essentials. Wish you all the best. Hugs!

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I have been on Urso now since 2013 and it's working great for me. Still get the itching and the fatigue though.


Ruth.... How did your appt. go?? I sure hope all is well.

Stella ♥️


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