Can't get my appetite back

Hurricane Irma wasn't as bad as Andrew.

However we were without power for several days. Our generator broke. I could only take my meds with peanutbutter sandwiches and fresh veggies. We just tossed out all our food in the three refrigerators. It gave us a good chance to give them a good cleaning. Now I can't eat anything and I have no appetite at all. The AZA will make me sick if I take it without food.

Last night I took it with cereal.

I'm sick to my stomach

I need food but can't eat. Any suggestions

If I see another peanutbutter sandwich I will shoot it

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  • There you are ❤,

    Been thinking about you. Start with simple smoothies maybe. Plant based protein powders like from Garden of Life or Vega One. Mix in strawberries or blueberries... Spinach or Kale, and carrot juice or coconut water. If you can't "eat" a meal, drink one.

    Don't let your immune system get weakened further. More AI's will rear their ugly heads!!

    So glad IRMA didn't level where you are. Just more stress!! You don't need that.

    Stella ❤

  • We lost a few trees and a portion of our barn roof. We just had a new roof put on our house. It was finished a week before the hurricane. The only thing to eat was cut vegetables and cereal and peanut butter sandwiches. I could of eaten potato chips and other junk foods but I'm afraid to do that.

    My next blood draw is next Wednesday. I feel like I need a solid hot meal. I just had a salad and my Urso and AZA. My stomach is a mess

  • Awe😕... Buy some bone broth from health food store.... Helps heal leaky gut. Sounds like gastritis maybe. Or try the BRAT diet until things calm down in your tummy. Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast. If you can handle that peanut butter.... Go for it. It's protein. ❤


  • My husband made me home made bone soup. It was in the freezer. I told my husband at the beginning of hurricane season to service our generator. We didn't find out that it was not working until it was to late. We lost two refrigerators and a freezer full of food. As for the storm it was wind and lots of water and tornados. I slept in my Durango with my children for air. It was hot.

  • So glad to hear your home is okay. I was wondering how you were doing. Sorry I have no advice about your appetite. If we didn't have a liver disease I would suggest wine... that used to wet my appetite pretty well 😁. I hope you can get your medicines down with out getting sick. Too bad you can't take advantage of it. You can't be too thin or too rich.


  • Im going to just eat what I can.

  • Hi Jenny, I don't have a solution to your problem but just wanted to touch base.

    I can't begin to imagine what you are going through, I send you my love and my thoughts are with you.

    Debbie. Xx

  • Hi, it must have been so bad..we only saw parts of it on the TV here in England. Do you have electricity OK now? If so what I have when I cant eat and this more often now with the cirrhosis, is half an avacado in the blender mixed with a banana, rice milk and a touch of homey..sometimrs a small spoon of peanut butter too...and whizz it all up.....I can always drink it and it takes only a few minutes to make.

    Good Luck

  • Hello, I am also in Florida dealing with Irma and all she has left behind. I would recommend the Atkins shakes or if you can tolerate them the bars not a lot to eat but you do get a full dose of protein and vitamins. My husband is diabetic and they do not require refrigeration so I stocked up before the storm for him and we both ate them they are not bad and maybe able to get you over this hump.


  • Thank you Heather. I see them in our grocery stores

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